Jennifer Williams Sues Evelyn’s Assistant Nia!!!

Basketball Wives star JENNIFER WILLIAMS filed a lawsuit today to respond to EVELYN LOZADA’s personal assistant NIA CROOKS, literal slap in the face on the last episode of Basketball Wives.

WILLIAMS claims she is still suffering from a neck injury and post traumatic stress since she was slapped by NIA, a former close friend of JEN’s and now the current assistant to Basketball Wives co-star EVELYN LOZADA.

The incident, which aired on Monday, happened when the group of women visited the Gulfstream Park Racetrack in South Florida on January 21st.

NIA started the altercation, and after exchange of words, she stomped around the table, to smack JEN in the face, despite being held back by co-star TAMI ROMAN.

“Violence used against any woman is wrong . I chose to use the justice system to fight back. If I can have a positive effect for women by fighting back with civil litigation it serves an important purpose,” she told US Weekly about the her choice.

Do you think JEN is right filing a lawsuit three months after it was taped?

  • Onle1kid

    I like all of them and I was praying that Jen and Evelyn mend there friendship. It’s messed up that they would invite Jen to a event, and let that go down like that. I can not understand why would they invite her in the same space with Evelyn knowing that each time it has been an epic failure. I like Evelyn to but I am sick of seeing her bullying Jen. What the hell, women with dresses on should not climb across tables so unlady like. They are all saying that Jen changed hell wouldn’t you if your getting knocked upside the head with clutch purses. She has not changed she is just defending herself. I am starting to think the only adults on the show is Jen,Tami, and Shaunie.

  • Chdasu

    Good for Jen! No one has the right to lay their hands on someone else. Those women need to grow up already. This is getting old. This is what you get when you act like your tuff.

  • Teach

    It’s appallying to see women behave this way. As a high school high teacher, I constantly have to defuse situations by reminding my students that violence isn’t the way to resolve problems.  Sadly, most of my female students idolize Evelyn, even worse they use her as an example to valid their violent respond. She’s a horrible role model for young girls.
     The show should invest in getting her anger management…but why would they do that when they can better profit from exploiting her ignorance?

  • Houstons_naughtyess

    Good for Jen!  I’m with her…talk all you want but don’t put your hands on me.  Jen is so classy, poised and ladylike – I love her!  I understand they put her in the same room for ratings but why would the producers let that wild cat (Nia) get so far around the table-where was security?

    I also understood why Evelyn got so upset and I feel her when she said you don’t look down at your (ex) friends because they don’t have as much money as you or because they don’t live in a nice house.  But face it Evelyn, there are people that do it and it is a part of life you can’t attack them because it is there right to have their own opinions and acquire new friends if they so choose. Grow up and act your damn age!  oh and Tami only calmed down because of her heart condition, I believe if it wasn’t for that, she would be right there on top that table with Evelyn-lol.

  • George Puzo

    My goodness that is quite a reaction Nia had towards Jennifer. I hope that Jennifer did not sustain any major injuries from being slapped. I have to agree with you though, why did she wait so long before filing a lawsuit? I don’t think I would ever wait that long to take legal action, I guess all we can do is sit and wait to see what happens.

    George Puzo |

  • Claire Reynolds

    I think that it is Jen’s right to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit, even a few months after the incident. The judge will decide what should happen. I do respect her, however, for relying on the law for justice, rather than having a personal and physical reaction to the slap. It seems like the better thing to do.

    Claire Reynolds ||

  • Anita Mas

    I agree that going about it calmly and legally is the better choice. It could get really ugly if everyone just hit and slapped each other all the time. It seems more civilized to go to the law.

    Anita Mas |

  • Jane Fairfax

    It is a good idea for her to go about this legally. I know it was just a slap, but that type of thing can cause a lot more damage than people realize. It’s good that she isn’t making it into a war for the cameras, but she is still seeking justice for that kind of abuse. I just hope she has the right lawyer for the job.

  • Tyrone Hill

    I’ve noticed that celebrities never hesitate to stand up for themselves when it comes to stuff like this. That’s definitely a good trait to have. If someone is responsible for your injury you should stand up for yourself. It’s a good thing that there’s so many personal injury lawyers out there to help people do just that. I wish them both luck!