Juicy Exclusive: Hennessy’s White Rabbit Launch in NYC!!

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Last night, celebs GABRIELLE UNION, ERYKAH BADU, VICTOR CRUZ, MISSY ELLIOT and more came out to party in NYC for the launch of Hennessy’s  ‘White Rabbit’ campaign.

GABRIELLE UNION looked stunning in a white dress and turquoise blue pumps. 106 & Park’s ROCSI DIAZ rocked the black carpet with her studded Christian Louboutain pumps. ERYKAH BADU brought the funk with pair of floral leggings, a varsity jacket, and her long wild hair topped with a vintage fedora hat.

When asked if her kids are developing their own unique style as well, BADU said, “They’re all very individual and eclectic. I promote freedom. We don’t have any rules in our house, except do what I say. Not wear what I say.”

The party turned up when MISSY ELLIOT and TIMBALAND shut it down with a new track, and their classic “‘Get Your Freak On’.

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