Kenya Bell Put on Blast for Plastic Surgeries?!?

Someone always manages to dig up the dirt on VH1′s Basketball Wives stars, and KENYA BELL is the latest victim.

TMZ reports that KENYA’s soon-to-be ex-husband CHARLIE BELL is claiming that KENYA is financially reckless and has blew through hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery.

According to CHARLIE, KENYA also spent loads of cash on other expenses including $12,000 for a motorcycle, $9,000 on luggage and shoes, and $82,000 on a corvette.

This is following KENYA’s recent claims against CHARLIE, telling the courts about his frivolous shopping sprees at Louis Vuitton in Paris while KENYA is struggling to care for their two children.

CHARLIE, who currently plays pro ball in Italy — also claims he gave Kenya $200,000 before leaving for Europe, so he wants the court to deny her request for him to set aside a large chunk of his money for support.

Wonder if we’ll see this play out on the later episodes of Basketball Wives. After all, we want to know what surgeries MS. BELL had done…

  • Elijah Ali

    There is nothing wrong with a little plastic surgery here and there but some people get too carried away. If you want a good, natural look, you should talk to these plastic surgeons in Gastonia NC!

  • Jameel Johnson

    I hope that it all went well. In Scottsdale plastic surgery is a pretty common thing. It can be a real confidence booster.

  • MJ Tobar

    Isn’t plastic surgery in Las Vegas NV always going to be a splurge, though? I mean, it’s not exactly cheap.

  • Shelly Slader

    I don’t think Cape Cod plastic surgery is bad but I definitely think you need to have your limits set.

  • Cambria Rhay

    I didn’t think she looked like she had plastic surgery. If I wouldn’t have read this article, I would have never guessed. I guess she does like to spend so she probably got the best money could buy. Either way, she looks great!

    • Bob Strong

      I am glad that she is happy. That is what matters most. Anything that brings happiness into your life deserves a chance.

  • Lance Tankmen

    I heard that she had a form of vascular surgery at one point in time. I don’t think she looks bad like the majority of people that get plastic surgery. If you are getting surgery for your health and to build self confidence, why not?!

  • George Puzo

    Wow, Kenya most certainly has an eclectic taste on what she spends her money on. I could only imagine how nice he luggage and shoes were that she had purchased. My sister works for a shoe store and says that some of the pairs can cost over a thousand dollars. I wonder how much she spends on plastic surgery.

    George Puzo |

  • Jayden Eden

    What team does Charlie play for now? His face looks so familiar to me. I hope they settle this dispute soon. I wouldn’t want to be in the same situation.
    Jayden Eden |

    • Bob Strong

      Jayden – Charlie used to play for the Suns and Mavericks . Now he is in Italy playing. How they spend their money should not be our concern. If she wants to have plastic surgery then she has every right to it. I encourage my children to do whatever leaves them feeling good about themselves.

  • Anita Mas

    Plastic surgery is getting more and more refined all the time. I wonder what she’s had done. I hope things work out.

    Anita |

  • alena mauer

    I don’t think she has had work done. Today if someone looks good media automatically think it is because of surgery. Being criticized is the price you pay for being in the public eye.

    Alena |

  • Aaron Carter

    It’s hard to be under attack for something like that. That’s also something to hard if you do get it. I think if you do get it, you just need to come out and be open about it.

    Aaron Carter |

    • Bob Strong

      Definitely Aaron. Thanks for speaking from your heart.