Khloe Says To Sister Kim: ‘I Told You So’ !!!

Without a question KIM KARDASHIAN ending her 72-day marriage with KRIS HUMPHRIES is one the most publicized divorces to date, and little sister KHLOE says she tried to warn KIM before it happened.

In a interview with the Ellen DeGeneres show that airs next week, KHLOE admits that she told KIM not to marry KRIS, and that  her pre-material advice may have been harsh, but it was straight up.

“I like Kris as a person. I just did not like them together… I was the only one to tell her. I don’t know why no one else told her that. She got mad at me. I like being honest.” KHLOE says.

She says KIM’s anger didn’t phase her, “You’ll get mad. You’ll get over it. You’re my sister there is nothing you can do. You’re stuck with me.”

When asked what she thinks of KIM dating KANYE WEST she says, “I love Kanye. I think they’re cute together… I think that they’re good friends and they’re compatible. I think a friendship is where good relationships stem from.”