Nicki Minaj’s Father Says She’s Not Telling The Truth!!!

Not to long ago NICKI MINAJ participated in a very compelling Nightline interview, in which she spoke on her upbringing and family life, and accused her father OMAR of being a drug addict/abuser/wife beater.

MINAJ revealed that she wanted to kill her father, because her Daddy often threatened to kill her mother, and at one time burned down their house.

Now according to TMZ, her father fires back, and says that his daughter may be sensationalizing the stories just a bit.

Omar admits he had anger issues when she was a child, but denies it ever reached the point NICKI described in her interview.

Sources say OMAR loves his daughter very much, and is hurt that she decided to go and exaggerate his behavior in the media.

Who do you believe?

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  • Catina Solomon
  • dumbshit4life

    woooow. what a complete b.s. story…. her father’s name isn’t even Omar. Smh.