Obama Covers ‘Rolling Stone’ Mag & Jams Out on Jimmy Fallon!!!

Forget foreign policy, can we all just agree that OBAMA swag is just way too fly?

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone (yes the Prez is on the cover), the President spoke on everything from race relations in America, to the upcoming election, to his opponent MITT ROMNEY.

On the topic of race, OBAMA kept it all the way 100. “I never bought into the notion that by electing me, somehow we were entering into a post-racial period. On the other hand, I’ve seen in my own lifetime how racial attitudes have changed and improved, and anybody who suggests that they haven’t isn’t paying attention or is trying to make a rhetorical point.”

During campaign rounds, OBAMA also stopped by the Jimmy Fallon Show to dish the news – but with a musical twist. With the R&B instrumentals of THE ROOTS and JIMMY FALLON, OBAMA serenaded the audience on why interest rates for college tuition is a major issue – spoken word style.

Click inside to see the comical video