Ruben Studdard: We Want Prenup, We Want Prenup!!!

Last November former American Idol winner RUBEN STUDDARD filed for divorce from his wife SURATA ZARI McCANTS  due to irreconcilable differences.

Now that the divorce was made final in January, TMZ reports STUDDARD made sure his ex-wife left with half – of nothing.

SURATA made attempts to get the judge in their divorce case to nullify the prenup, claiming STUDDARD pressured her into signing the prenup a few days before the wedding.

However the judge dismissed the claims, and STUDDARD was not ordered to pay a damn thing.

No spousal support or alimony, he gets to keep their home plus all his belongings — jewelry, pensions, royalties, clothing, all his cash, and even the engagement ring.

In return his ex wife gets to keep her wedding dress, her photo albums, a 2006 BMW, a 10k property settlement, 2k for attorneys fees.

We know NAS wishes he took notes.

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  • Guest

    Guess she couldn’t have babies or he didn’t want any? Most of these silly women even if they had to sign a pre-nup would have made sure to have a couple of babies, that way they know they will have to be taken care of regardless..smh