The Rant: Should We Forgive Geraldo Rivera’s Apology?!?

In the midst of the TRAYVON MARTIN case, which has gained national media headlines, talk show host GERALDO RIVERA has attempted to remove his big foot out his mouth.

On March 23rd, while a guest on Fox News, RIVERA made an comment so stupid insensitive we had to blink twice and check our ears to make sure we weren’t imagining it.

RIVERA came out of his neck so to speak, and blamed TRAYVON for his own death, stating that young Black and Hispanic males should know better than to wear hooded sweatshirts in suburban areas because they will automatically be perceived as criminals or thugs.

“I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was,” RIVERA said.

RIVERA’s statement immediately stirred angry reactions on social media that were pushed even further when surveillance footage allegedly showed Zimmerman unharmed after the shooting that left MARTIN dead.

Today, RIVERA not only made a public apology for his comments, but also hosted TRAYVON’s parents TRACY and SYBRINA MARTIN on his show to issue the apology in person. “I wanted to provoke a response,” he said. “I never expected it to be a viral avalanche.”

As the old saying goes, one should never throw a stone and hide their hand. Plain and simple, the apology just isn’t enough to suffice for RIVERA’s insensitive and untimely comments. Yes, Black and Hispanic men are discriminated all the time, but everywhere, for multiple reasons.

To go as far as to imply that TRAYVON MARTIN’s death was justified because his hoodie warranted the suspicion that caused GEORGE ZIMMERMAN to pull the trigger is irresponsible downright stupid correlation.

Instead of placing the blame on the one who assumed that TRAYVON was a criminal because of how he was dressed, RIVERA instead choose to blame the 17-year old boy who is buried 6 feet underground.

Racial profiling in the United States  is without a doubt at the root of the TRAYVON MARTIN case, but the amount of insensitivity RIVERA showed is hard to forgive.

MARTIN’s parents have since accepted RIVERA’s apology. An apology, however, isn’t likely to calm the growing movement urging  for George Zimmerman’s arrest, and the protests being held that war a hoodie is not a valid criteria for murder.

RIVERA’s statement actually gives a voice to the culprit, and not the victim. So to RIVERA, we say save the apology and  sit cho asss all the way down.

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