Trina Says Toni May Be Finished With ‘Braxton Family Values’ ?!?

When asked if her sister TONI BRAXTON will be returning to Season 3 of Braxton Family Values, co star TRINA BRAXTON skirts around the question to neither confirm of deny in a recent interview with

“I can’t speak for Toni however I will say that Toni was already established as a superstar,” Trina told

“Toni has been a 20 year veteran and being a songstress. She’s already done the television thing, she’s already done the movie thing and Toni has always been very aloof when it comes to talking about her personal business.”

Reality television is all about putting out your personal business, so maybe TRINA is trying to tell us something.

“If you notice when you watch “Braxton Family Values” she doesn’t talk much about her family as far as her husband or her “wasbund” and her children are concerned,” Trina continues.

“Toni is just very old school when it comes to airing out your personal laundry on television. And you can’t fault her for it, it’s for some people and it’s not for others. I think she’d rather just go ahead and be Toni the songstress as opposed to Toni the reality TV star.”

Will you watch Braxton Family Values without Toni?

  • Geanine8

    I will definitely still watch the show.

  • Shontell

    I cant watch the show without her I love how silly she is and her looks? :(