Video: Kevin Hart Says When It’s OK To Cheat!!!

Funny man KEVIN HART, who stars in the upcoming film, Five Year Engagement, took some time out to discuss some of the intimate details of his sex life.

In the film HART plays a character obsessed with masturbating, and when asked if in real life does he feel pleasuring oneself is considered cheating he had a lot to say.

“If that’s cheating, then I’m a product of infidelity. I’ve been doing it for years,” HART said of his night time habits to the Urban Daily.

“At the end of the day I think you’d prefer a man who takes care of himself from time to time if you’re not around. The reason why, he’s not outside doing something with someone else,” HART said.

He added, “Do what I do, trick yourself. I go left handed, makes me feel like somebody else. That’s my trick.”