Video: Sherri Shepherd Loses It During ‘DWTS’ Elimination!!!

Someone go grab SHERRI SHEPHERD a box of tissues.

The host of the View turned on full waterworks following her elimination from Dancing With The Stars last night.

SHEPHERD was left in floods of tears last night following her elimination from Dancing With The Stars.

After she and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy received the second lowest score on the board, after failing to impress audiences with their performance of the tango, SHEPHERD went into the snot bubble cry after getting the news she had got the boot.

Watch the video above, did SHERRI deserve to go?


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  • Laurafrench50

    Yes she did. I like Sherri, but everyone on this season is really good and she definitely deserved to be in the bottom. I would have supported Gladys going too. Yes,  Sherri was enthusiastic, but in this game, you really need to be the best technically to stay in the race.  She said, she loves to dance. Well, she can still continue to dance even though it isn’t with DWTS.

  • Scandalous Beauty

    LOL at “snot bubble cry”!!!