‘Waiting To Exhale:2,’ Sequel Could Still Happen…

In early 2011, there were some talks that a sequel to TERRY McMILLIAN’s much revered novel/film Waiting To Exhale  was in the works.

Now that WHITNEY HOUSTON has sadly passed, in a recent interview with Good Day LA, co-star LORETTA DEVINE said that development may continue without HOUSTON.

“They’re trying to put together a second movie and now the focus would be a tribute to her, which would be wonderful. We don’t know if they’re going to try to introduce a new character or pull her character out all together.

“So it’s a lot of rewrites that they’ll have to go through, so I don’t know if it’s going to happen as soon as we thought it would happen,” DEVINE added.

Last year, another original cast member, ANGELA BASSETT, told The Talk “It’s preliminary, but ‘Waiting to Exhale 2’ is gonna happen,” which, she said, would include all the original cast members. “I’m talking Loretta [Devine], Lela [Rochon], Whitney.”

Who could possibly fill Whitney’s shoes?