Hendrix’s Family Says No To Andre 3000’s Jimi Hendrix Biopic!!

Reportedly rapper André 3000 was to star in the upcoming JIMI HENDRIX biopic, titled All Is By My Side, the Irish Film and Television Network confirmed yesterday.

The film focuses on HENDRIX’s debut into the music world during 1966 and 1967, and the rocker’s time in England for the release of his critically acclaimed album Are You Experienced.

However,the HENDRIX family says none of this was cleared with them, and it will not go down until they give the ok.

Experience Hendris, LLC issued a statement denying that they had approved a biopic, saying, “Various media outlets have recently published accounts that indicate a feature length Jimi Hendrix biographical film is nearing production…Experience Hendrix, LLC, the family-owned company entrusted with safeguarding the legacy of Jimi Hendrix and administrator of the Jimi Hendrix music and publishing catalog has made it known many times in the past that no such film, … can be undertaken without its full participation.”

Guess ANDRE should start looking for a new gig…

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