Confessions: Usher’s Ex-Wife Spills The Beans In Court!!!

This custody battle is getting messier and messier.

USHER’s estranged wife TAMEKA FOSTER has been making some serious accusations against him in order to convince the judge to grant her full custody.

On top of claims that USHER is a recreational drug user, TAMEKA is now alleging that he slept with two of her bridesmaids and that their two sons would use profanity after returning from their visits with him.

Since USHER has the right to sell the property whenever he wants, TAMEKA is also concerned that she has less than 60 days to leave USHER’s Georgia home that she resides in with their two young sons.

Sounds like two grown people doing things out of spite. Let’s just hope USHER and TAMEKA can keep it civil for the sake of their kiddies.

  • Pwa082563

    did she get a money settlement, she should buy her own house