Emily B’s Parenting Skills and Why She Never Got In A Fight On TV!!!

FABOLOUS‘ baby momma EMILY B, who is rumored to have passed on next season of Love and Hip Hop, says from the beginning she promised herself to never get in a physical fight on television.

With everything going on with other reality shows, namely Basketball Wives, EMILY B says she always vowed to portray a positive image of women and for her kids.

Despite the arguments and altercations on her former show, EMILY has always managed to stray away from the fighting.

“There are a lot of women who fight on television and I promised myself that I would never do that,” Emily told The YBF.

“My advice to women who are put in bad situations in front of their kids is to shut down! You don’t have to participate in the madness,” EMILY explains.

“One thing I teach my daughter is to have patience. I’m always calm and I speak to my kids in a calm tone. I never raise my voice to my daughter. Once you raise your voice, kids stop listening. If I ever need to raise my voice, my kids know I mean business.”

Do you agree with EMILY and her parenting skills.

  • Tmkcoles

    That’s whats up always a lady never come out your zone unless nessasary I have a daughter as well I’m her role model always a lady never a beast can’t be sexy with a ghetto gangsta mentality

  • Jlynnwms

    . . . .but your best friend is a bully and you condone it.