Is Zoe Saldana Considering a Boob Job!?!?

If it’s broken, why not fix it?

That’s Columbiana actress ZOE SALDANA‘s philosophy when it comes to her A-cup sized breasts.

ZOE revealed on The Conversation that after being teased about her itty-bitties, she’s not at all against the idea of getting implants.

“‘Buy yourself a pair of titties.’ I heard somebody tell me this once and I  was like, ‘You know what? You’re absolutely right.’ Thank you for that.”

She goes on to say, “If an old man was having a midlife crisis and can buy a Porsche and date a 17-year-old, I can buy myself a pair and be the sexiest soccer mom you’ve ever see.”

Well Miss ZOE, we ain’t mad at you. How refreshing to hear a celebrity be honest about getting enhanced!


  • Gandhefh9838

    Yes! Zoe would be so much hotter with big boobs!

  • Cambria Rhay

    I asked my husband if he’d ever want me to get breast augmentations. Of course, he said he thinks I’m perfect the way I am. I always feel bad for him that I’m not as curvy as most girls. Maybe someday, I can get them and just surprise him!

  • Lance Tankmen

    I feel like if a lot more people had this attitude towards plastic surgery it wouldn’t be so taboo. I don’t think it’s wrong to want to change your body. If she thinks that breast augmentation will improve her sex appeal, why not? http://www.rejuvcosmetic.comA/our-services/surgical-procedures/breast-procedures#breast-augmentation

  • Andre Franklin

    If she wants to get breast augmentation, then she should go for it. I have had a couple of friends go through it, and they have all come out of it being much happier and more confident in themselves. It can definitely be a huge life changer for a lot of women.
    Andre Franklin |

  • Julia Emmers

    I don’t know why there is such a taboo around plastic surgery. Zoe is gorgeous already, but if she wants to get a breast augmentation than she should go for it. If it make you happy then you should do it.

  • Bob Strong

    I feel that this really comes down to what she wants. As long as she is making the decision to get breast augmentation for her own personal reasons then I fully support her. We should be glad that she is doing what will make her happy.

  • alena mauer

    I love her as a person and an actor so she can do no wrong. I think she looks great right now because she has such a little frame but if she wants to get the, why not! I am glad that she isn’t trying to make it a big deal.

    Alena |

  • Anita Mas

    That is refreshingly open for her to talk about it. She’s even open before she does it! It seems like people usually deny doing anything even when the proof is glaringly obvious.

    Anita Mas |

  • Courtney Galler

    I honestly think she looks beautiful either way. I’ve been considering breast augmentation. I’m barely a ‘B’ now, and I’d like at least a C. I might even surprise my husband with them.

  • Linda Townson

    I too think she looks great as she it! It’s her life so if she wants to do it then do it! I too think it is cool how open about it she it instead of denying it if she does decide to do it.

  • Nora Santos

    For the most part, I think anyone who is a B cup or higher shouldn’t have to worry about their size. Since Zoe Saldana is an A cup, I don’t see why she wouldn’t consider getting a boob job. I think getting even just one cup size bigger is worth it for her.