Kardashian Sisters Firing Their Momager Kris Jenner???

KRIS JENNER, matriarch and manager of the KARDASHIAN clan may be getting her pink slip.

In Touch reports that the KARDASHIAN sisters KIM, KOURTNEY, and KHLOE have had it with their mother and her publicity spinning ways.

Allegedly the sisters are said to be unsatisfied with the way their mother has been publicizing and interfering in their lives.

KIM blames her mother for encouraging her to end her brief (72-day) marraige to ex-husband KRIS HUMPHRIES, and being unable to help her bounce back from all the backlash she received.

KOURTNEY is tired of JENNER telling her how she should raise  her 2-year old son MASON, and KHLOE blames her mother with her current public marriage issues (and their publicized efforts to get pregnant) with hubby LAMAR ODOM.

With as much money she’s helped the KARDASHIAN family make, life would be tough for KRIS if the girls were to ditch her.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if this was a rumor KRIS JENNER started herself.

Would you fire KRIS if she were your manager?


  • Annonymous

    Its obviously working.  Theyr’e in the spotlight for accomplishing absolutely NOTHING… so they can fire her, but what would they do? IJS it’s not lilke one ia a writer, the other a singer and the other an actress… Rating Ratings Ratings… That’s the Biz… SO she’s doing something right.