Pilar Sanders Says Deion Is Frontin’ and Stuntin’!!!

Now that the gag order has been lifted off of PILAR SANDERS, she is now able to speak freely about the messy situation has found herself in since she and her estranged husband, DEION SANDERS, physical altercation.

The altercation resulted in PILAR’s immediate arrest and charge with assault, while DEION was later charged with misdemeanor assault.

Now that she is able to speak freely, PILAR has accused the DEION of “manipulating” the situation to appear innocent.

“Seeing that Deion uses our children and the word ‘God’ in trying to disguise his image, I think enough is enough,” Deion the TheUrbanDaily.

“He only cares about himself, manipulating and cheating to distract from the truth and let’s not forget about his open and flagrant philandering. No one deserves to be treated like this, no one. I need the facts known.”

She continued, “And hopefully Deion’s public will convince him to just stop showing off, handle this situation fairly like a real man, and let my children and me get on with our lives.”

DEION must be doing something right, in court system that is biased at times towards women, he was awarded full-time temporary custody of their children.