Ray J Lands A $1 Million Dollar Endorsement Deal!!!

We haven’t seen or heard a lot from RAY J since the recent death of WHITNEY HOUSTON, but he’s now back to work.

The singer/actor signed a $1million dollar cash cold contract to represent for Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum.

The shaving serum boasts of all natural properties, and has been cosigned by A-list celebrities like OPRAH and GISELE BUNDCHEN.

As a part of the deal RAY along with model SOPHIE MONK, are captured getting wet and super close in RAY J’s outdoor pool while surrounded by roses for the campaign ad.

You can expect to see the shaving gel spokesperson on May 20th at the 2012 Billboard Awards where the Prince Reigns Serum is to have is official launch.

Getting paid a milli to play in a pool with a model? We don’t know haw RAY J does it….