Shawnna Says Female Rappers Need To Squash The Beef!!!

Apparently rapper SHAWNNA has resurrected, and come back with words of wisdom for female rappers currently in the game.

When asked how she feels about the lack of unity of female rappers in the hip hop game, SHAWNNA says their is alot to learn from their male counterparts.

“What they don’t understand is, that’s where they want us to be,” SHAWNNA told Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning on female rappers beefing in the industry.

LUDACRIS‘ protege continued, “In the game right now the list goes on of the that are winning and eating and making money and creating songs together…doing shows. But when it comes to the girls we do this cat thing, this process of elimination where they can only be one woman winning at one time.”

“We’re the only reason that [beef] exists. If we were to start networking and communicate with each other, create avenues and outlets for each other you would see more women out and more women being successful in hip-hop,”she said.

When askedabout NICKI and KIM‘s infamous beef, SHAWNNA simply stated, “I hated that,” and that she couldn’t take sides because she likes them both.

  • Dats_What_IT_IS

    thank you shawnna for those uplifting comments. i agree. Hey, there’s a girl named BMOS, brittany ray mosley, rapper, and she talks about this in a song found on youtube entitled “Aint no love” off of that JAY-Z beat, in the first verse, woooooooooo babygirl is diffently on one and needs to be signed ASAP..maybe even to ROC NATION!!!!! LOVE HER!! SHE SEXY HOOD PROPER no doubt :)


      I Heard Her B4! Aint nobody on what she on..and she like 23, i think she needs to be wifed lol. ROC NATION BETTA GRAB HER…AND QUICKLY!