The Rant: Why The Joke Is Still On Brian McKnight !!!

BRIAN McKNIGHT is a name we hardly hear mentioned, but all that changed within a few short weeks.

Not too long ago, the Youtube release of his ultra freaky new single “If You’re Ready to Learn,” went viral.

Even after his retraction that it was a “joke,” heads are still shaking.

Now, Brian adds insult to injury by creating a real deal music video for the song, in hopes to lighten up the initial blow.

For the most part, both then and now, the words of praise for the track have been few and far between.

No matter what MCKNIGHT tries to do to clean up the release of a song whose lyrics include, “Let me show you how your p*ssy works/ Bet you didn’t know that it could squirt,”  eh… it’s just not working.

Most of the flack the ballad received came from that one line, and for two obvious reasons.

One. The line is “Let me show you how your p*ssy works/ Bet you didn’t know that it could squirt.” 

Two. It’s Brian McKnight on the mic.

Watching the “official” music video leaves us feeling  MCKNIGHT is still trying to resurrect his career, only to be further crucified.

We’re all for artistic evolution but going from a “quieter” image whose rap sheet spans more than two decades suddenly to this “I’m coming for TREY SONGZ’s spot” is poorly executed.

And more than anything, trying to turn it into a  joke, is just awkward.

BRIAN has gone from defending the song on Twitter and deleting the video on YouTube, to telling TMZ it was a joke made out of boredom, to creating and marketing an official video and cashing checks for the song on iTunes.

Be it jokes or not, BRIAN is turning into a creepy, old man more and more as this whole fiasco lingers on.

Someone needs to tell him quick, until he gives up pulling stunts in the likeness of “If You’re Ready to Learn,” we will always be laughing at him. Not with him.

Juicy girls, what’s your take on BRIAN McKNIGHT’s latest stunt? 

  • Nicole7477

    He sucks!