Video: Basketball Wives Reunion Teaser !!!

Well instead of airing the full season of Basketball Wives, it would appear VH1 has pulled the plug and has plans to air the finale and reunion shows earlier than anticipated.

After a season filled with fights on top of fights, boycotts, petitions, and legal involvement, the network is ready to move on and clean up their act.

According to the press release, the finale airs on Monday, May 28th at 8 PM, and Reunion Part – 1 will air the following Monday, June 4th at 9PM.

Check the teaser clip of EVELYN revisiting the incident with KENYA, and truly regrets letting her anger go so far and admits that she needs to start setting a better example for her step daughters.

Basketball Wives 4

  • Black woman

    these women are a disgrace to all black women ! they all have money they all are suppose to be “celebrities” and instead of using their fame for good and showing us young black women how to be independent and be strong role models they are just a bunch of ghetto bullies who wanna fight and act a fool!!!!! I will never watch this show again! and to say they have children, what do they tell their children “do as I say not as I do” or I’ll kick your ass?!?!