Joseline Grabs Stevie J’s Private Parts With Pride!!!

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta‘s JOSELINE HERNANDEZ won’t stop until we get enough.

Homegirl has launched yet another Twitter rant defending her “relationship” with her man(ager) STEVIE J.

HERNANDEZ decided to post a picture of her grabbing STEVIE J’s lower regions, along with the tweets: with the caption has fuelled online hate for her by launching a Twitter rant about her controversial love with Stevie J and sharing a photo of herself grabbing his manhood.

“Your man will pay to just hear me talk to him the boys love Spanglish I love the boys!!” she wrote. “Hold on to your seats enjoy the ride watch me make History and all u lames u ain’t bout this! This here is for real Trilla,gutta,sexy biatch.”

“U just ain’t strong enough. U ain’t built for this u brake in half too fast u bag ladies. I stick it n pimp it then leave it.”

HERNANDEZ continues to receive backlash after she’s proved to be unapologetic about having relationship with a man involved in a 12-year relationship with the mother of his children.

  • Jeniferjones88

    What is this world coming to steve j shouldnt even have no relations with that joseline,however mimi should get all the money that joseline makes. Mimi can do better all alone .

  • Callie from Boston MA

    I think Joesline it okay why everybody mad cause she with Steve J
    Mimi know what it is she just a baby momma Team Joesline do ur thing ma
    It what they both want
    Why want somebody that don’t want u Mimi go on

  • april from Minneapolis MN

    mimi should of got in stevie J pockets about 10 years ago 7 at the most. 15 years thats just dumb. I love her though. and joseline!

  • Carrow

    Why should Joslene respect Mimi’s relationship when her man doesn’t? People always want to go after the woman. I’m getting his ass. Now if I know the bitch he is cheating on me with then I’m getting her ass too.

  • Brandihayes70

    Both women are dumb as hell. Why would you want a man that obviously doesn’t have ANY respect for himself, you, and the other woman? Joseline is VERY stupid to me because she see the type of man he is. Even if he did leave Mimi for her, all he’s gonna do is find another sideline hoe. Then Joseline gonna be in the same position Mimi in, in bad relationship with a no good man. But hey, if they like it, i love it. They are BOTH dumb.

  • No1sname

    The caption under this pic should read “Slut & Smut”!