Joseline Hernandez Says She Is NOT A Man Posts Naked Photo!!

Reality star JOSELINE HERNANDEZ recently tweeted a naked photo of herself to shut down rumors that she is man.

With the very explosive premiere of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, many have questioned breakout star JOSELINE HERNANDEZ’ gender.

Thanks to prominent jaw line and androgynous facial features, Twitter fans of the show have speculated that the Puerto Rican stripper turned rapper was born a man.

Even some unanimous sources have come forth via blogs to claim they had proof that JOSELINE was in actuality JOE in high school.


Unable to cope with the lies, JOSELINE however recently tweeted a picture of herself completely naked, with the caption, “”B****es I’m 100% women. F**k tall eat my p***y.”

She added, “I will no longer entertain the foolishness it’s been real & fun @ the same time I hope a few of you’ll received the 30 second of fame tweets.

Tell us, do you believe her?

  • eneeray

    Please.  Naked photos prove nothing.  Surgeons are very very skilled these days.

  • GarryM

    You’re just hateful or stupid if you believe that fine ass woman is a man 

    • cage1

      Have you not watched show on men that have had sex changes. Hell google episodes of the Maury Show on this topic. Some are women that were men. You couldn’t tell the difference.

    • Shaela

      She may be fine to you, but homegirl do got some manly features. All you men the same, because a woman show she got a pussy a big ass and nice thighs and  a double d bosom don’t mean its all real. Hell Gold diggers like her go long ways to ake themselves look pretty. And Transsexuals go to the extreme to make themselves be something they weren’t born to be. Remember everything that glitter ain’t gold

  • Shaela

    You really don’t know. I really don’t care, but she do have some manly features, but I know some women who are all woman but have some masculinity behind them. But Joseline is nothing but a gold digging ass ho who sleeps around to get ahead. Mimi you stupid for not putting a cap in both her and Stevie J ass.

    • Nakiajordan

      Yes hun tht Bitchs look & talk like a man tht Bitchs going to get AIDS sleeping around tht is a ho she just put her self out there bum ass Bitch & he love tht he just a ass. His wife need to stop actin like she a fuckin dummy bitch open Ur eye u CNT see tht he Fuckin tht bum bitchs

  • Nicolecrowder12

    She can’t have kids if she a man she can things but that’s not some she can change

  • Manago Kyara

    no she dnt she is funny nd  she is in love with a dog

  • Sxymchllm

    thank s   i have family that is transgender and  he looks just like a women and the surgery works were you can not tell


    yall motherfuckin bitches is just mad dat yall dont look like dat just because we have big ass and nicer boobs then da rest of yall dont mean she a man…… and why do yall care bout who up in her pussy it aint yalls she why yall worried… and every bitch dat said she a man yall dumb ass probably a man…………….. bow i want one of yall dirty pussy hoes to say something 2 me cuz IM NOT DA BITCH CUZ I WILL FUCK U UP…………….. BOW!!!!!!





    • Frank White

      Bad u sound like you like to be fu im bout dat lyfe
      cked all day long

  • Frank White

    I wanna fuck u


    LOL she just let it all out