Kanye West Denies Tweeting Nude Photo of Kim K Look-Alike!!!!!

Reps from KANYE WEST camp deny that KANYE WEST ever tweeted and deleted the nude photo of the woman baring a striking resemblance to his girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN.

Although the ‘net blasted KANYE for allegedly putting up the naked photo, it was later confirmed to be a picture of adult star named Amina, who had posted the photo of herself on Twitter last year.

However KANYE reps say that the whole story never happened.

“In regards to this ‘story’ that Kanye posted and then took down intimate pictures on his Twitter account: TOTALLY FALSE. Laughably so. This phantom tweet never occurred on his account,” the rep told Us Weekly.

“This is obviously the desperate, sad act of someone seeking to gain media exposure by exploiting Kanye’s notoriety. Kanye doesn’t even know this person, has never seen this picture, and hasn’t been on his Twitter account for a day.”

Tell us, do you believe that this was all fabricated?