Hair Headlines: Kelly Rowland Throws Some Cornrows In Her Hair!!!

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Whether she’s wearing a short pixie cut, long wavy locks, or a huge curly afro, KELLY ROWLAND is one of those celebs who can rock out with just about any hairstyle.

Over the weekend KELLY debuted her latest protective style, cornrows, at the 21st annual For Sisters Only event in Atlanta while hanging with her braided bestie BRANDY.

ROWLAND kept it simple with eight sleek and smooth braids, conrowed straight back.

While braids have been a go to style for many celebs over the last several years, KELLY is one of the first celebs in a while to wear conrows properly, *cough* remember  JOSELINE’s skinny braids? *cough*

What do you think of KELLY ROWLAND’s new look?

  • Ava Mava’s Mom

    Love this style. Very flattering on Kelly.


    love it… she rocks it well

  • (((TalkAGoodGame)))