Keyshia Cole Responds To Sexually Explict Photo!!!

Yesterday social media went in an uproar when a sexually explicit photo of woman who may or may not be singer KEYSHIA COLE, leaked online.

In the photo,  COLE or a woman who bears striking resemblance to the singer, was captured giving oral to sex to unidentified man.

The photo has many divided to whether or not that truly is the singer committing the sexually explicit act.

COLE did respond to the accusations that was her in the X-rated photo on Twitter yesterday.

“Evil a$$ haters STAY on some BullShyt! Y’all wish! Lol! Let em have fun! they seem to enjoy being filth, I say let emm talk,” she wrote.
Her denial is somewhat lost in the statement, but we hope that the woman in the photo is not her.
Talk about embarrassing.
Photo Source: PR Photos


  • bob

    its obviously not her cause the girl has a tattoo of her left upper arm where KC has hers on her right.