Obama Says He Stopped Doing The ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance!!!

Who knew the Gangnam Style dance craze had reached the White House.

PSY, the Korean rapper, whose hit video to the song “Gangnam Style,” exploded on the Internet and reached the most YouTube views in YouTube history, said in and interview that even President BARACK OBAMA was a fan.

PSY  told The Hollywood Reporter that OBAMA knew he was embarrassing his family with the novelty dance.

“He told me he’s good at ‘Gangnam Style’ but that the ladies at his house are embarrassed when he’s dancing so he’s not doing it,” PSY said.

PSY cross paths with the President earlier this month as a guest at the Christmas in Washington benefit held at the National Building Museum in the US capital on December 9th.

The annual event raises money for the Children’s National Medical Center.

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    yeah , Mr Obama need to stop doing that….for real… #BBC

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    pow -TP of OceanviewBLVD

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    haha, whatta foool

    SFDotNet (BBC)

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    Elite Muzik :: BBC

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