Mimi Faust’s New Boyfriend Looks Like Stevie J.!!!

Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta star MIMI FAUST has finally moved on from Stebbie STEVIE J, and found herself a new boo who shares an eery resemblance to her former lover.

During an interview with radio personality, Egypt Sherrod chatted with FAUST about her new relationship.

When asked about the status of FAUST’s relationship with STEVIE after rumors surfaced he had received full custody of their daughter, she stated, “It all boils down to I’m not dealing with him anymore and I have someone else.”

Quickly NIKKO with “two K’s,” introduced himself, and happily revealed that FAUST was the “one.”

When questioned if she felt NIKKO looked very similar to her ex, FAUST evasively stated, “He looks like himself.”

However, NIKKO confidently replied, “I get that a lot though, I get that a lot, but we come from different cloths though.”

According to the happy couple, they met several years ago and recently rekindled their relationship shortly before NIKKO moved to Atlanta to be with MIMI.

NIKKO confirmed he will be making appearances on the upcoming season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Will you watch the new and upcoming show, I know we will?!?

  • 4evermylady

    I will be watching. I don’t think “Nikko looks anything like rat face Stebbie J. Nikko is much nicer looking.

  • No1sname

    If you think MiMi’s new boyfriend looks like Stevie “Rat Face” J. then you must be looking at him through Stevie Wonders eyes!

  • rmwms

    Nikko DOES NOT look like Stevie J. Glad to see Mimi moving on,Stevie is not gonna change all he is doing is stringing Mimi along.He is a misuser of Women and has no respect for women and he is also very degrading the way he talks to women. I also think Stevie J has mental issues.