Reggie Bush’s Pregnant Girlfriend Shows Off Baby Bump!!!

Father-to-be, REGGIE BUSH was recently spotted with his girlfriend, LILIT AVAGYAN and her growing baby bump.

Although AVAGYAN was barely showing when BUSH confirmed her pregnancy in early October, the most recent pics of the couple show off their growing bundle of joy.

In an interview with Paul and Young Ron Morning Show, BUSH revealed that he is thrilled to become a father.

The couple who have been together for over a year are expecting their first child together before the summer.


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  • ariari

    she is pretty gorgeous

  • blu

    she does not look like kim k, kim startn to look like a cat wit all that plastic surgery….ladies leave yo face alone

  • lyricjames

    Bush’s Kim k looking girl friend pregers in Oct the real Kim k pregers right after?????