Rick Ross Hires 24 Hour Security After Drive-By Shooting!!!

RICK ROSS is playing no games with his safety.

Days after he and girlfriend, SHATERIA L. MORAGNE-EL, escaped being shot at over 20 times, ROSS has officially hired 24-hour armed security.

According to TMZ, ROSS, who hires armed guards for public appearances, took the attempt to take his life very seriously, and feels as though hiring round the clock guards is his best option for protection.

Over the last few months there has been several threats made on ROSS’ life.

  • Charlie McPoyle

    I would do the same if I had an encounter with a drive by shooting. I would have personal body guards and a security system at my home. I would also have huge watch dogs to protect my home and my family. http://www.aussec.com.au

  • Charles Brawnyson

    If I was in Rick Ross’s position, I would hire security guards as well. I think I would probably want to take some safety courses as well. That would give me a lot more confidence if something dangerous actually happened. http://www.astpl.com

    • Marcus Fillion

      I agree. I don’t think that sort of security is at all excessive when multiple attempts have been made on your life. I’m glad he’s stepping up to the right protection, rather than thinking he’s safe and refusing to upgrade. Sometimes the life of a celebrity is not one I want.

      Marc | http://www.horizontel.com

  • Aaron Carter

    I wish I could afford a security system like this. I guess my alarm system will have to do for now until I make it big as a rapper. I hope it pays off, I would hate to see anything happen to Rick Ross.

    Aaron Carter | http://marshallalarms.com/securitysystems.asp

  • Anita Mas

    That is seriously scary. This is one of the reasons I’m fine with not being famous. It seems safer this way.

    Anita Mas | http://www.intruderresponse.com/courses/church-security-training-courses/

    • Anita Mas

      Though if I could get a security system like this, it would help. I wonder if he’s gone through defensive training. Sometimes you need to prepare yourself as well.

      Anita Mas | http://www.intruderresponse.com

      • Dolores Brown

        I think it’s smart to get a security system and some training. I think knowing a little about self defense is better than nothing. It’s sad the experience he had, but now it makes him more prepared for future occurrences like that. http://www.babbsecurity.ca

  • Megan Jones

    Crazy fans and people are probably one of the biggest downsides to being famous. There are a lot of good things too, but having people make threats on my life is not my idea of a good day. If I was famous, I would have all sorts of different security measures in place to keep me safe.

  • Nora Moore

    I can’t blame him for wanting security like that. If I was shot at once, I’d want someone to help protect me, but he went through it 20 times! I hope they will be okay.

    Nora Moore | http://www.polosecurity.com/en/services.html