Video Vixen Arrested For Butt Injection Murder Charges!!!

Video vixen PEBBELZ DA MODEL aka NATASHA STEWART was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee in connection with the murder of KARIMA GORDON last week.

STEWART is believed to have knowingly referred GORDON and several other women to MORRIS GARNER, an illegal practitioner.

GARNER allegedly injected GORDON with cement filled butt enhancements, resulting in GORDON falling ill and ultimately losing her life.

Known for her 48-inch donkey booty, STEWART was charged with murder, wire fraud, conspiracy to murder, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Stay tuned as this tragic story continues to unfold.

  • skbf12

    That’s ashame that pebblez da model will be in prison for the rest of her life I hope that doesn’t happen to her pray for her family and my Condolences go to the victims family Also what a waste of talented beauty!!