Chris Brown and Drake: Both Suing Each Other For 2012 Brawl?!!?

The fight between CHRIS BROWN and DRAKE no longer make headlines on the web, but it still continues to stir up drama in the courts.

Reportedly the singer and the rapper are suing each other for their 2012 brawl in NYC’s hotspot W.I.P.

It was there in June that both BROWN and DRAKE were involved in a fight that left party goers like TONY PARKER and French model Romain Julien injured.

Julien has now filed a suit against the pair of entertainers and the club for injuries sustained in the fight.

Both DRIZZY and BREEZY have since filed legal documents which place the blame at each other for starting the fight.

They are both said to be claiming that they were not at fault, and are demanding the other party pays for the damages, should the model win his lawsuit.

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