Juicy Exclusive: Cynthia Bailey Talks Kenya, Nene, and Sex With Her Husband !!!

Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, has evolved to be one of the most entertaining season yet.  We see another side to the ladies as they handle their business, but we also see all the drama that happens when the mix business with friendships.

Juicy recently caught up with the most neutral housewife of the bunch, CYNTHIA BAILEY. She divulged on everything from her true blue friendship with NENE LEAKES to her real feelings about KENYA MOORE, and had to time to talk stallion booty vs donkey booty, and she and her man getting it in.

Juicy: What was the biggest war? Last seasons talls vs smalls or stallion vs donkey booty?
Cynthia Bailey: . The talls vs the smalls that was just always kinda like a joke but we didn’t really take it that seriously. I  think the booty battle thing has gotten way outta hand and hopefully it is coming to a close soon, but it’ss a little deeper than the talls vs the smalls.

Juicy: How did you feel when you Beyonce used Kenya’s catch phrase from the show and showing she’s RHOA fan?

CB: Beyonce saying her [super bowl] performance was, ‘Gone with the wind fabulous,’ I thought that was really cool. This show is so great because you never know what you’re gonna say that’s gonna take off that will become some crazy catch phrase.

Juicy:  Speaking of which, do you think Kenya brings to the show this season?

CB: Kenya and I bumped heads, but I got it together and she hasn’t really bothered me since. Kenya is a smart young lady, not afraid to raise the bar in every way.  There’s definitely things that Kenya would do that I don’t think anybody in the whole ‘housewives’ franchise would.

Juicy: You and husband Peter had few martial issues in past seasons, what the conversation so you show your relationship in a more positive way?
CB: What we went through the first and second season was really what we were going through. During the first season we were having a lot of financial problems, so of course we weren’t boo’ed up, we were really stressed out. For him, he really struggled, because he’s a Jamaican man and he really wants to be that dude saying, ‘I got this.’  So when money went away it was really difficult for him to deal with that, so I rode it out with him. Lord knows it was not easy, but we’ree in such a better place. When you’re with someone its ups and downs, and that was just not a good time [for us].

Juicy: What made you and NENE LEAKES actually such close friends?
CB: I think the reason I gravitated towards Nene,  because not only is Nene real I think she’s just incredibly smart with how she’s managed her career on the show. I never wanted to be apart of this if it wasn’t going to lead to me evolving to do other things, and I just think she’s done a beautiful job with that. She’s kinda like my little mentor. I talk to Nene Leakes probably I hate to even say it probably more than I talk to my husband.

Juicy: What outside the show keeps you busy?
CB: My school, the Bailey Agency, it keeps me incredibly busy. I really do have the businesses outside of the show as well that keeps me super busy. My daughter Noel  is back in school so I gotta help with homework, and all that good stuff. My husband keeps me busy as well, he actually would like to hit it every and now and then.  (laughs) Everybody’s gotta get theirs.