The Rant: The Way Lil Wayne Decided To Celebrate Black History Month!!!

Rapper, LIL WAYNE, needs to have a seat.

The I Am Not A Human Being, rap star is in hot water for making a highly inappropriate EMMETT TILL reference in one of his songs.

While spitting a verse on FUTURE’s “Karate Chop Remix,” Weezy compared his sexual abilities to the brutal 1955 death of TILL as he rapped, “beat the p*ssy up like Emmett Till.”

If you can remember TILL, was the 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped, beaten, shot in the head, had his eyes gauged out, and a 70 pound cotton gin fan tied around his neck before his lifeless mutilated body was thrown into the Tallahatchie River, in Mississippi – all for allegedly flirting with a white woman.

Now how could anyone think it’s cool to disrespectfully use TILL’s name and unfortunate death as a disgustingly inappropriate rap lyric? Without being able to ever imagine the physical pain and mental torment of the teenaged boy, how does one even attempt to make an analogy?

As an African American man who has children of his own, LIL WAYNE should have been more cognizant in exploiting the brutal death of a harmless child. A child, close to his own eldest daughter in age, whose face was so badly mutilated, a mother couldn’t identify her own son’s body, but made the hard decision to keep her child’s casket open so the world could see the horrors of racism.

It’s bad when any public figure is given a platform and abuses it, but it’s worse when we as a people don’t even blink an eye. The sad reality is that people were more outraged when KANYE WEST disrespected TAYLOR SWIFT at the 2009 VMAs, than a lyric hurtful to our entire culture, that WEEZY still has yet to apologize for.

Although Reverend JESSE JACKSON SR has since spoken to L.A. REID CEO of Epic Records and has had the comment removed, in the words of STEVIE WONDER who chimed in with his disdain, “You just cannot do that.”

No stranger to controversial rap lyrics, WAYNE was also slammed but never shelved, for making offensive comments towards RODNEY KING in “Mrs. Officer,” MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. in “Playin’ With Fire,” and references about HITLER in “3-Peat.”

As we continue to help disguise WEEZY’s trash as art, we must not forget that TILL’s death was not only one of the most tragic events in United States history but it is one of the many events that propelled the Civil Rights Movement. A time where men and women fought to give WAYNE and foolish others like him, the right to be the misogynistic, gun toting, substance abusing, baby-making multimillionaire that he is today.

The truth of the matter is that, if people of African American heritage do not value and covet the history that gives them the ability to live so freely in a country hell bent on oppression, why would LIL WAYNE? Who will respect a race of people who does not cherish themselves?

If we’re not standing up against it, then we might as well be singing along with it.

Happy Black History month.

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  • moe

    Great write up. i was a lil wayne fan but i am now disgusted by him he keeps finding ways to be more disrespectful every year it seems. he has no substance or social awareness.

  • Jesus

    You Go Girl! Tell Lil Wayne to stay seated.

  • Sarah Acordate

    I’ve Always Hated Lil Wayne

  • ymvl

    Goooo Jaz….and yess I agree with this 100%

  • Laura Ann

    I love it. Keep on writing, you points are very valid =]]

    • Laura Ann


  • Sandra Livingston

    Awsome article jasmine great job :)

  • E. Adika Ekunsirinde

    Greetings everyone! If you are offended by this insensitive lyric from “Weezy” we ask that you sign our petition:

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    I hate wayne and all rappers. they stand for nothing. drop dead.

    • Angelliee

      Umm no. Lecrae and every Christian Rapper that has ever lived. Do you ever even listen to rap or are you just trolling?