Video Model Melyssa Ford Now Sells Real Estate??!!

MELYSSA FORD can now add real estate broker to her growing portfolio.

The video model-turned-actress recently completed an intensive three month training program with Blu Realty group and is now an official real estate broker with the esteemed reality company.

So far, FORD has used her newly found expertise to assist in closing a $15 million dollar sale in New York’s Central Park South area.

FORD looks to combine her affluence within the entertainment and professional sports industries with her growing passion for real estate to expand Blu Realty’s diverse clientele.


  • Guest

    i love the transition, its nice to see a sister show how she can leverage her platform (s) and grow

  • Opium Traficante

    i love the transition, its nice to see a sister show how she can leverage her platform (s) and evolve

  • Hilary

    That’s wonderful! Do you think she would sell real estate in La Jolla, California? It’s so beautiful there.

    • Dolores Brown

      I’m really impressed that she was able to put her skills into becoming a real estate agent. Some people aren’t really cut out to be real estate agents, but she seems to be doing a wonderful job. This should give everyone hope in finding there own occupation that fits best for them.

  • Earl Judds

    Thatt’s great she is expanding her horizons. I have triedt to get into Charlotte real estate. However, I didnt really have the nack for it.

  • Phyllis Schwarts

    That’s great but if you really want to find the right home for you and your family then be sure to check out north shore real estate chicago. They are 100% committed to finding you the perfect home and at reasonable prices. Be sure to check them out with any questions.

  • Jensen

    Good for her. I think it’s awesome to try something you haven’t done before! My wife is trying to become a realtor at a commercial real estate agency in Toronto. I am praying it works out for her!

    • Dolores Brown

      I’m really happy for Melyssa. She seems to have found a job that works really well with her personality and life style. I’m sure she is one of the best real estate agents out there. I would love to have help from her in finding a house.

  • George

    Is she going to be doing estate sales in Minneapolis, MN? I would like to go to some sales there.

  • Shelly Slader

    I always thought about getting into Fort McMurray real estate but it just never happened.

  • Charles

    Wow a model getting into real estate. That’s a brilliant idea. I bet she’s the best real estate agent in Mount Vernon IN.

  • Luke

    Selling your home can be such a hassle, you can always receive expert help to get the most out of your home with a real estate agent and sell your home.

  • Jayden Eden

    I never would expect that she would go into real estate! That is really surprising to me. I was curious about going into real estate at but I never went through with it. The fact that she’s doing it is making me regret my choices.

  • George Puzo

    That is so cool that she is expanding her horizons. I cousin has done something like this. She has always had her own daycare but was getting bored of it so she went into real estate. Whats cool is she somehow manages to do both jobs at the same time. I personally would love to learn to through pots, I have never been to good at art but I think I would enjoy it.

    George Puzo |

  • Brent Hanson

    She is going to do well. She should move to Idaho and sell Boise Real Estate.

  • Brent Hanson

    She is going to do well. She should move to Idaho and sell Boise Real Estate.

  • Aaron Carter

    She would do great selling real estate. People just see a beautiful face and treat them as such. I think we should search deeper than that for everyone.

    Aaron Carter |

    • Marcus Fillion

      Well, no one can deny it comes in handy. She must be hard to refuse when she tells you she’s found the perfect home or you need to drop the price. Everyone should look deeper, but if you have a pretty face you shouldn’t hide it.

      Marc |

  • Julia Carlson

    How wonderful. I’m sure she does great work. It seems as if she can do anything! What a role model.

  • Lance Tankmen

    That is really cool that she would get a job like that. I have a friend that works in real estate. Its a really nice job. You get to help people out all day. And it would seem like she is pretty good at it!

  • Laurey Williams

    I’m sure she will make such a great real estate broker! It is interesting that she would rather do this that show business though. I wonder if she would make as much money being a real estate broker.

    • Dolores Brown

      I would have to agree with you that she is going to make a really good real estate agent. She just has so much ambition and passion. I think she can do really well to make that work in the real estate field. I am really impressed with her.

  • Elisa Jed

    That is quite the real estate sale. Fifteen million is so much for a house. She must be a good Realtor.

    Elisa Jed |

  • Abed Nadier

    Melyssa Ford seems like she can do anything! It is an interesting career jump though, from a model/actress to a real estate agent. I wonder what sparked her interest in getting into the real estate field. I’m sure, like everything she does, she will be very successful.

  • Shelly Slader

    Those two fields seem very unrelated in my opinion. Good for her for going outside of her comfort zone and trying something completely new, though. I bet she’ll do great at it, just as she has done with her acting.

    Shelly Slader |

    • Dolores Brown

      I agree, it was amazing that she was able to switch to a totally unrelated job. I think it’s cool that she was brave enough to try something that she really wanted to do. It kind of gives everyone else a sense of belief that they can do what they want, too.

  • Cynthia Rose

    I would love to have her as my agent. It would be not only fun to interact with her, but you would feel like she would find you a beautiful home. If only I had the money to buy one of her homes she lists.
    Cynthia |

  • Bob Strong

    I am glad that she was able to find a great real estate company to work for. Real estate is a really tricky business though. I hope she has a good real estate attorney on hand in case of any legal issues.

  • Marcus Fillion

    It’s great to see people branching out. I admit, model to real estate agent took me by surprise, but it looks like she’s going to be very successful. It’s a hard field to succeed in, but it looks like she’s passionate about the career.

    Marc |

  • Talmage Dangerfield

    That is so interesting that she is becoming a realtor. I have taken a lot of classes in real estate, and I know that it can be quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. I really hope that Melyssa gets a good lawyer to help her out, in case anything goes wrong.

  • Elisa Jed

    I bet she does a good job selling real estate. Her personality seems to fit the job. From her start of selling that million dollar house, it sounds like she has a great career ahead of her. Will she just be working with bigger real estate.

    Elisa Jed |

  • Christine J. Keeling

    Wow that is great that she can reconvert like that. I think she is really clever to be able to adjust, she was a model, then actress and now a real estate broker. I think her beauty and her intelligence will help her do a perfect job.
    Christine J Keeling.

  • Zeda Jackson

    That is awesome that she became a real estate broker. With my children moved out and my husband working I have been looking for something to do with my spare time. I would not mind working as a real estate broker! She inspires me to do anything I want.

  • Nora Moore

    I think it’s fun that she likes to do so many things. I like learning how to do a lot of things, too, so I can understand. There are a lot of challenges that I can’t wait to try. Maybe I’ll try real estate one day as well.

    Nora Moore |

  • Bobby Roosco

    I’m sure she would be very successful at this. Who wouldn’t want to say their agent was famous. I would also feel comfortable with her because she probably know great houses. Another reason I would feel good about hiring her is because she really doesn’t need more money and so she wouldn’t rip someone off.

  • James Clarkson

    That is impressive that she can add real estate agent to the bucket list. I think this can be a very difficult realm of work. If you know how to do it, real estate could be a great place to invest.

  • Jason Strong

    I can only imagine how much real estate like this costs now days. I’m sure the real estate agents that are working on a job like this are feeling pretty good about their jobs and what they are doing. I hope that I can learn more and see if I can one day become one of those agents that work with real estate like this.

  • Nora Moore

    She doesn’t seem to like just sitting around. I can respect that. I don’t like wasting time, either. What was that place like that sold for $15 million? It has to be cool for that price.