Weekly Viral Vid: Sweet Brown Shortline Dental Commerical!!!

Internet sensation SWEET BROWN is holding on to her 15-minutes of fame.

With over 17 million YouTube hits, BROWN is now the star of Shortline Dental’s most recent commercial.

Shortline Dental, an Oklahoma based dentist practice, signed BROWN to mimic the news report that made her claim to fame as she says, “ain’t no body got time for that.”

With BROWN on television, radio shows, and now commercials we can only wonder where she’ll end up next.

79 Responses to “Weekly Viral Vid: Sweet Brown Shortline Dental Commerical!!!”

  1. Phyllis Schwarts

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  2. Sam Esh

    I really think that it is important to go to the dentist. I know this was supposed to be a funny commercial but it was still serious at the same time. I’m soon going to the implant dentist in Fort Collins, CO. to have some fake teeth put in. If only I had flossed as a kid.

  3. Cambria Rhay

    Sweet Brown videos are hilarious, that is really smart of that dental clinic to use her for their commercials. I feel like a lot of companies don’t put enough emphasis on how entertaining commercials get your company noticed and remembered. That being said, I bet Sweet Brown is really excited of how popular she’s becoming. All that from a random news report. http://www.sierracentre.com

  4. Jayden Eden

    I couldn’t help but to think about how I haven’t visited the dentist in a while as I was watching this. I should probably go get a check up again because it’s almost been a year now. One tooth of mine has been a bit sensitive. I will probably give them a call tomorrow to set up an appointment. Thank you Sweet Brown for reminding me!
    Jayden Eden | http://www.tlcdentalsyr.com/dreamsmiles/cleaning

  5. Charles Brawnyson

    That’s awesome that Sweet Brown did a dental commercial. She actually did a really good job in the commercial. This is definitely a good way for a dentist to attract more patients. http://www.stephencarydmd.com

  6. George Puzo

    What an cool idea to market their company. I would never have thought to get a celebrity like Brown to help promote me. I wonder if there are any famous celebrities living near me. That would be crazy if there were and I had no idea about it.

    George Puzo | http://www.dentalimplantcenter.com

    • Marcus Fillion

      Look her up on YouTube. She was in a news story about a fire, and the internet made a song out of her testimonial. It’s great to see how far she’s come since then. I’m always one to try new methods of teeth whitening, so this commercial is actually quite helpful.

      Marc | http://www.bronxonedaydenture.com/index.html

  7. Julia Carlson

    That is so interesting! I haven’t seen that video yet, but I’ve heard all about it. I see it on t-shirts and hear people talk about it all the time. What a great advertising for that dentist’s company. http://www.drwasselle.com/

  8. Emily Merrell

    This was really entertaining. I love what marketers are doing now, and love to see the new ideas that they come up with. It seems like there’s endless possibilities for ideas you could have for commercials. This was very clever. http://www.alliancedentalgroup.com

    • Talmage Dangerfield

      I really agree, using humor to market is a great way to sell. A lot of people take going to the dentist as something really serious, and not very fun, but she really lightened up the attitude. I wish she would make more commercials like this one. http://www.emergencydentistva.com

  9. Shelly Slader

    Businesses that make commercials like this know how to do advertising in this generation. I bet that that dentist’s office experienced a high increase in patients after this commercial aired. Dentists have so much competition that they have to be smart about how they attract business.

    Shelly Slader | http://www.sunridgemalldental.ca/our-office-dentists.html

  10. Laurey Williams

    I think this commercial is pretty creative! I wonder how much more business this dentist office has been getting since the commercial aired. It would be interesting to see if this commercial really made a big difference for them or not.

    Laurey | http://www.blackhurstdental.com/

  11. Dolores Brown

    That was the best commercial. I love the “ain’t nobody got time for that” memes. They are so funny. The commercial was pretty great too, which reminds me that I should go to the dentist soon. http://www.parkwestdental.ca/en/

  12. Jessie

    That is really funny and a clever idea to use Sweet Brown in a dental commercial. A lot of people recognize her and she has charm. I really enjoyed the commercial even though it was cheesy. I am happy that Sweet Brown is having the opportunities.

    Jessie | http://www.drmannem.com/

  13. Marcus Fillion

    I wonder if they whitened her teeth before they ran the commercial. I don’t remember them being that white when she was originally on TV. I guess if you’re going to advertise dentists, you better look the part! http://www.mandurahdental.com.au

  14. Megan Jones

    I definitely believe no has time for tooth aches and pains. I had a roommate who tried to avoid the dentist for awhile. Eventually the pain became too much and she went to get something done about it. I think the pain would have driven me to get something about it done sooner.

  15. Mia

    So are these commercials for an actual dentist? I know that if I lived in the area of the dentist I would definitely go to him. I just have a really big sense of humor and a dentist that has one like that would just be awesome.
    Mia | http://www.rutherforddental.com.au


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