Wiz Khalifa Gets Tattoo In Honor Of His New Son!!!

While rapper, WIZ KHALIFA and fiancee AMBER ROSE wanted to keep their newborn son’s name top secret until he was born, his name was in plain sight all along.

A few weeks ago, KHALIFA, revealed a new tattoo on his forehead that says, “Bash.”

When asked about his new tattoo during a radio interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast, KHALIFA evasively replied, “Oh, [the tattoo is] just in case I got to bash someone in the head.”

Fast forward to last week, when the couple gave birth to SEBASTIAN “THE BASH” TAYLOR THOMAZ and you have the true meaning behind the rappers new tat.

Way to pull a fast one on us WIZ.

  • Anne Lawrence

    I think she could do way better, but who am I to judge? I’ve seen a lot of people with forhead tattoos in Toronto, too. I’d never get one on my forehead, though!

  • Kat Brennan

    I think that tattoos are really cool but I don’t think that I would tattoo anything on my face. There’s a tattoo place in Toronto I’ve been eying for a while to get a bird tattoo on my wrist. I think I’ll go there for my birthday next month. No face tattoos though!

  • jimstout7878

    That is a pretty sick looking tattoo right there.

  • Cambria Rhay

    I agree with Kat, I don’t think I could ever get a tattoo on my face either. My husband has been thinking about shaving his head and getting one on his scalp. I think it’s a perfect idea because if he ever wants to cover it, all he has to do is grow his hair out. http://www.scalp-aesthetics.com/

  • Thiago

    That’s a lot better looking than the headlines made it sound. The tattoo shop I went to for my last bit of ink could have pulled that off well. I’m more weirded out by his lame excuse for it, instead of just saying nothing. Thiago | http://www.emeraldcitytattoo.net

  • Anita Mas

    Getting a tattoo on my face sounds scary. I wouldn’t do it personally, but his isn’t that bad. It’s kind of fun that he was so excited for his son that he did that.

    Anita Mas | http://shrunkinheadstudiosinc.com/#!artists/c1x9v

  • Abed Nadier

    I don’t think I could ever get a tattoo on my face. If I were to get a tattoo, I would definitely get a full sleeve though. I think that having a full sleeve on my right arm would look so cool. Plus, it’s easier to cover up if you have a job that doesn’t allow tattoos. If you have a face tattoo, there’s limited ways of hiding that. http://tatarama.wordpress.com/