Clive Davis Says Michael Jackson Tried To Sabotage Jermaine’s Career?!?

Allegedly MICHAEL JACKSON was not willing to share his success with anyone, not even his older brother, JERMAINE.

CLIVE DAVIS, revealed MJ’s plan to limit the success of his older brother in the record executive’s new memoir, Soundtrack Of My Life.

According to reports, MJ was unhappy with the success that JERMAINE’s singles, “Do What You Do,” and “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming,” garnered, and allegedly went to extremes to prevent writers from working with his brother.

Throughout the memoir, DAVIS revealed that when KENNY “BABYFACE” EDMONDS was brought in to produce JERMAINE’s fourth album, MICHAEL kept him preoccupied so that he could not work on his brother’s project.

“Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way. [Jermaine] was crying, indeed sobbing at times, so deeply hurt that his brother would do this to him,” DAVIS writes.

JERMAINE then went on to record a diss track entitled, “Word to the Badd,” calling out his younger brother for being selfish and shallow.

DAVIS’ story was corroborated MJ’s PR rep, BOB JONES, who revealed that JACKSON purposely manipulated the careers of his siblings, JERMAINE, REBBE, and LATOYA but was unsuccessful in sabotaging the success of his youngest sibling JANET.

Wow, who knew?

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  • Denise Harrison

    You first step to becoming a real writer is not to copy and paste the garbage written by Roger Friedman and others like him. If you do your own research, you would find out how many of his brothers and sisters albums that he produced, wrote lyrics for and sang with them. Did you know that Michael wrote and sang background on the only hit song that his sister Rebbie had, which is Centipede? Michael produced Janet’s and LaToya’s first album. He sang duet with Jermaine on “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming.” He produced and sang with his nephews 3T first album “Brotherhood.” Let’s not mention how he financially supported Jermaine and Randy’s kids and thier wife/mistress by the same woman until 2011! Michael has paid child support and bailed his family out more times than you can count. That’s the real truth. Now print that!

    • corlista

      Thank you for the reality check!

      • Jerilyn Bridges

        What reality Check? Most of your facts come from TMZ! Hers came from Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Etc and the horse’s mouth!

    • Samuel779

      Nothing but the TRUTH very well said indeed!

      • Jerilyn Bridges

        Nothing but lies! Most R&B fans are scared of MJ fans because you think if a lot of folks say something it has to be true! I no more believe Michael and his anymore than I believe that Black folks have tails, or that R&B music is dead or that More blacks are on welfare! I read for myself! I am glad that Janet is suing TMZ and Perez hilton for all the lies they told!

  • IrishLass2121

    Ahah! Here we go again … I was half smiling while reading this, (aware of the usual, fishy fibs going on with this article once we have Roger Friedman in the loop) and low and behold, I come to that name, ‘BOB JONES’…LOL …!!!

    Trust me – Just READ UP on both Roger (JACKO) Friedman & Bob Jones’s history regarding Michael Jackson, (Can’t be bothered repeating it here, and about time people learned how to research for themselves, anyway) then you will understand how any well informed person will immediately spot the usual,
    anti-MJ BS going on here. (Rolls eyes)!!

    • Jerilyn Bridges

      You might want to read something other than TMZ and Perez Hilton! You might want to read Randy Taborelli, Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine( You may have to pay for the article but non tabloid Journalism is worth it in my book!) Having Read Bob Jones and how he was intimidated on the witness stand, I give him credit for telling the truth!

  • corlista

    Totally agree, IrishLass. If you actually READ what Clive wrote in his book, he never said Michael tried to ruin his brothers’ careers or anyone else’s. In fact, he had a great deal of respect for Michael and refused to get involved in the Jackson family rivalries perpetuated mostly by Jermaine’s jealously of Michael. This is once again sensational headlines trumped up to trash Michael Jackson and when you throw Friedman and Jones into the compost you get a predictably stinky mess. If you want the truth – read the book.

    • Jerilyn Bridges

      And Randy Taborelli, and Stacey Brown, That is where your credibility gets dumped in the toilet! That means you have to discredit Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine etc! That is where your fataticism begins and my disrust of any MJ fan starts!

    • Jerilyn Bridges

      Obviously, You have not read the book

    • Jerilyn Bridges

      HEre is a quote from the book you supposedly read: “Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way,” Davis wrote. At a dinner in Paris, Davis said Jermaine was “crying, indeed sobbing at times, so deeply hurt that his brother would do this to him.”
      Now what part of sabotage did you not get!? You MJ fanatics are sickening with your lies!

      • mine

        Do you think michael jackson took acting classes

  • TorduDeRire

    I’m sure there is a lot of things that went on in this family that you don’t know, and it’s better like this. The aftermath of Michael’s death though brought some ugly stuff to the surface… Greed, manipulation. His own dad has teamed with a French crook (Julian Rouas,) to capitalize on Michael’s death with a cheesy line of tribute perfumes. Bravado shut them down… Read the court order and settlement…

  • swr kgr

    It is worldwide known that MICHAEL JACKSON WAS THE MOST KIND, GENEROUS, HUMANE, AND DECENT PERSON WHO EVER WALKED THIS EARTH. Thus, saying the contrary is a BLASPHEMY. Besides, Sony Chief Clive Davis should be told that “victimizing the victim” is an old trick which nobody is decieved by any more. Conversely to what he claims, THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS that IT WAS THE MAFIA OF SONY THE ONES WHO SABOTAGED MICHAEL’S CAREER. And even worse, THEY WERE ALSO INVOLVED IN MICHAEL’S MURDER TO ROB HIM OF HIS LEGACY. Thus, may the day come when all these GANGSTERS who run SONY pay for their crime!

    • Jerilyn Bridges

      No, it is not! Tell that to Sonhy in Japan who had to make sure tha Michael didn’t sing on anybody’s albums! Tell that to Ladysmith Mabosa. Tell that to the Time Magazine reporter who Michael tried to slap! In fac tell that to any reporter of a legit magazine!

  • Samuel779

    WHAT career?!?!? Clive Davis STFU Michael Jackson never tried to do anything against anyone and btw Jermaine FAILED by himself.

    • Jerilyn Bridges

      I don’t call five TMP awards and four Mobo awards a failure! To say Jermaine failed is to diss R&B music! That’s where he made his money! That is where he had his fans! We were the ones who saw his albums suddenly disapear from the shelves. We were the ones who refused to read Billboard Magazine because they refused to correctly state the number of R&B albums sold! We were the ones who ended up purchasing his albums from Japan@ We were the ones who kept our record stores open! I think the failure was with the Pop music fans who tried to shut us down with Rap and nonsense during the 89’s 90’s and now!

  • Jerilyn Bridges

    Your first step is to stand by your story and not get caught up in the TMZ BS spewed by MJ fanatics! You have passed the first step with flying colors. Since I have done my research sans the gossip spewed bt TMZ and their sister sites, I can tell you that Mr. Friedman was right! it seems that Michael was a saboteur par excelence. He never paid a dime of the brothers’ child support. Halima paid( and is paying Jermaine’s child support greatly reduced since it was suddenly revealed that the kids spent most of their time with daddy and stepmom and that Halima was taking the children on shopping sprees!) The courts were forced to give Jermaine his passport, Drivers liscence and quite a few bucks back Randy’s case was dropped because she was getting double payments( Jermaine adopted one of Randy’s children )and was taking money out of Randy’s bank account!

    Michael never produced an album for Jermaine, Marlon, Tito, Jackie , or Jermaine! In fact, he nearly killed “Dynamite” By singing on it and demanding that the album be pulled to decrease his exposure. Thank God the folks in Japan had the presence of mind to remove any songs Michael sang and re release the album. I got an extra duet with Whitney Houston because of that stunt! Then He did this to Rebbie Jackson when the title song to the album “Yours Faithfully” rose a bit too quickly up the charts. He thought he could cover his tracks by allowing “Centipede” to be released. Randy avoided Michael altogether when he produced his album “Perpetrators.” Sony suddenly took an interest in Randy’s small label and poof: “Love you Honey” almost disapeared! Michael signed Marlon, Randy Tito, Jackie, LaToya, anRebbie and 3T to his label. He produced hundreds of items that he never released. Jermaine avoided Michael and Janet decided that Sony Records was not safe for her. A&M made sure that he did not work on her album. When she finally recorded with Michael, it was on his album and on HER terms!
    Michael called in favors whenever he could. That is where his huge debt came from. Stop a song from appearing here, steal a producer there, it all added up! His latest backfired. When he hired Thome Thome away from Jermaine, he got a tiger by the tail! OF Course, he almost left Jermaine with the bill!( 80 Million). Jermaine has since tried to smooth things over in his books and his conversations with Stacey Brown. For a tabloid writer, this man has the presence of mind to tape his conversations: If he ever writes about Stockholm syndrome using JErmaine as evidence, he’ll be a millionaire! J Randy Taborelli confirmed what happened! Contrary to Clive Davis’ accounts, it was Stacey that sat with Jermaine during that time! The R&B market was about to be treated to 2300 Jackson street, when Michael insisted (against Randy’s wishes) that he sing on the song. I can only give you a posted report from a fan who observed the album being taken from the shelves. I have my copy sns the title song! Like I said : this story was trashed by TMZ and the rest of the tabloid press until now! Maybe Time Magazine will get the balls to print their version of events. But then the rabid MJ fans would tell us that the writers at Time Magazine and Rolling Stone are not journalists!

  • Jerilyn Bridges

    PS Good work!

  • Jerilyn Bridges

    And just so you know, Sony is still on the job trying to remove Jermaine from You tube: ons song at a time!

  • Mike Ross

    Thanks for this. This is like that garbage dump in Toronto, a complete mess.