Jay-Z Claims ‘There’s No Such Thing As Black Or White Music’!!!

Known for his unique musical tastes and unlikely musical collaborations, JAY-Z, has never been one to let race interfere with music .

The hip hop legend released a statement via, Sways Universe, explaining his stance on whether or not race has place within music.

“Last night I performed at the University of Arizona. Through all the excitement and joking around (as well as the technical difficulties) I missed out on the opportunity to say something important,” JAY-Z began.

HOV continued by commenting on the other acts who performed during his show and a revelation that he made.

“On the show as well were Third Eye Blind and Kelly Clarkson. I thought that to be the oddest pairing EVER but, soon realized, it’s what I’ve always professed. There is no such thing as Black music or White music only GOOD or BAD music.”

The media mogul concluded with a suggestion of an unlikely duo he’d like to see perform together.

“It’s stupid cool to like things that are not like you, and that goes for outside of music. I think concerts like this should happen more often. I’m putting that into the universe. Next up Taylor Swift and Uncle Murda.”

Tell us, what do you think of JAY-Z’s stance on race and music?

Photo Source: PR Photos
  • http://www.crunkatlanta.com/ Crunkatlanta Magazine

    Its true to a certain point… i feel it depends on the lyrical content. It may be something only that demographic can relate to .

  • Tich

    Hats of to J. There is no such thing as black or white music. In fact those that advocate the statement ” Black music” is in fact being racist. Theres just music. This can be taken further by saying there is no such thing as a “Black American” Everyone who resides in America are just “Americans”. If racism is to be betten then it would be a good place to start by dropping the word “black” from these racist titles.