Porsha Stewart Retains Nene Leakes Former Divorce Attorney!!!

The divorce saga continues, between Real Housewives of Atlanta star, PORSHA STEWART, and her soon-to-be ex-husband KORDELL STEWART.

In the latest news Mrs. STEWART has retained RANDALL KESSLER, former divorce attorney of RHOA costar NENE LEAKES.

KESSLER released a statement via CocaoFab confirming taking STEWART on as a client.

“Typically there is a lot that happens but I can tell you that there will be a status conference where the parties get together and talk and the court helps direct them to work towards a resolution,” KESSLER began.

KESSLER says, “I know Mr. Stewart’s attorney very well and I have worked with him in the past and we will work with him in this case to the extent that his client allows,” he added. “She learned that her husband filed for divorce by reading it in the press and wishes he would have told her first. She is very disappointed that her husband has mislead her in this way.”

KESSLER believes that because his client’s may have an advantage as her plight to work out her martial issues were filmed during the fifth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“The short answer is that evidence is evidence. If you’re on a security camera and we get it, or if you’re on reality television and that’s taped, that’s evidence as well.”

“We will use our best efforts to resolve this privately.  But she has hired us to protect her interests and we intend to do so,” KESSLER concluded.

65 Responses to “Porsha Stewart Retains Nene Leakes Former Divorce Attorney!!!”

  1. Jackie Maronna-Velez Core

    Good for her .. he is disgusting , Keep your head up girl your going to land on your feet ! Stay strong your fans are routing for you.

  2. Pinkie31

    I would hope Kordell will do Porsha right like a REAL MAN But on the other hand knowing what we do of Kordell he’s a walking Scum Bag, I’m sorry for using that word but if the shoe fits Kordell can wear it for sure.

    • Anita Mas

      Finding out how to divide the assets can be a pain. Especially with something like an estate that isn’t easily divisible. I’d want a real estate lawyer in that case.

      Anita Mas | http://www.lisnowlaw.com

      • Dolores Brown

        I agree that it would be really hard to decide how to divide the real estate. I’m not sure how I would want to split it, but they would definitely need a real estate lawyer. It would make things go a lot smoother. http://russellpsacco.com/Services/

    • Dolores Brown

      I think you might need a real estate lawyer as well. They probably are going to have a hard time dividing up the stuff and all the property. I bet it’s really hard to make both sides happy with any decision. http://www.houselawyerny.com

  3. Jen Kirk

    Wow, I can’t believe he told the press first and not her. She is smart to get a good lawyer. I have a feeling this divorce is going to get messy.

  4. Jen Kirk

    Evidence is evidence. It would make sense that there wouldn’t be a difference between reality tv and security camera. I wonder how they will try to keep it private.

    ∫ Jen Kirk | http://www.shdlawyers.ca

    • Marcus Fillion

      I agree. I think her lawyer is smart to get the media involved in this instance, since they aired some of the marital disputes on TV. I can’t imagine what it would be like to act in a sitcom, let alone go through a divorce afterwards. I hope her lawyer gets her the best possible outcome for the case.
      Marc | http://www.curtisandporter.com/

  5. ronjohnson4056

    Celebrity divorce attorneys probably make pretty good money. If you can build up a good reputation and get multiple celebrities to work with you, you could probably retire pretty early. It seems like this attorney is on the right track.

    Ron Johnson | Stephen Browndorf Law

    • Marcus Fillion

      I agree. Finding a good lawyer is half the battle. Divorce is sad to hear about no matter what, but it can go smoothly or get ugly. Lawyers make a big difference with the outcome.

      Marc | http://hfslawyers.com

  6. George Puzo

    I hope the very best for Porsha. I would have to agree with you Jayden on some aspects but we must keep in mind we do not know their lives like they do. I remember when my brother got a divorce, it shocked the family but his decision makes perfect sense now that we know what has really happened.

    George Puzo | http://www.eschbacherlaw.com/ourservices

  7. simonadair2323

    Sometimes I wonder if divorce lawyers and injury lawyers have some overlapping responsibilities? Either way, it seems like she made the right choice here. Having good litigation is a great first step when it comes to the legal system.


  8. Shelly Slader

    These lawyers sure must be racking up the big bucks from working with these celebrities. That would be the best position to be in, except for all the publicity and differing opinions on the case. You would probably have to learn how to just fade the public out and do what you think is best for the people actually involved.

    Shelly Slader | http://www.martinlawyers.ca

  9. CelineSand

    I bet her attorney was happy to take her case against her husband. He seems like he would be a reputable lawyer to have your back. When faced with a case, you need to make sure you have experienced personal injury lawyers.
    Celine | http://www.danielgoodmanlaw.com

    • Marcus Fillion

      I agree. Even if you have all the truth on your side, in a courtroom it’s the evidence that counts. Preparation is probably the most important distinction in any case like this. If there is evidence on the video cameras, they’ll find it.

      Marc | http://www.attorneykucera.com

  10. Talmage Dangerfield

    I’m sure he’s a really great attorney if both of them used him. I really feel bad for Porsha, and I hope that this whole issue is able to blow over soon. Going through a divorce is never fun, and I would never wish it on my worst enemy. http://www.robertsfisherlaw.com

  11. Courtney Galler

    It’s always so sad when things don’t work out in a married couple. When I was younger, my parents divorced. They didn’t look into getting a lawyer, and the process was messy and exhausting. My recommendation to struggling spouses, try to work things out. If not, find a lawyer to help you make the process easier. http://www.maurosavolaw.com/lawyer-attorney-1216868.html

    • Jenny Noble

      I agree. Getting a divorce would be hard enough, but having everything published in the media make it even worse. I can’t imagine the stress that celebrity lawyers go through. Like you said, however, having a good lawyer can make all the difference. http://www.wwmklaw.com/


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