Details of Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s Divorce Gets Messy…

As expected, the divorce saga between Real Housewives of Atlanta star, PORSHA STEWART and her soon-to-be ex-husband, KORDELL, is starting to get real.

According to the latest divorce proceedings obtained by TMZ, KORDELL claims that his estranged wife, neglects her duties as a stepmother, stays out all night partying and drinking, and does not deserve to receive any financial support from him considering she is a “celebrity.”

KORDELL’s claims comes days after PORSHA revealed in her documents that her husband was intentionally locking her out of their home and bringing another woman into their home.

TMZ reports that KORDELL makes sure the home is locked at night as a security measure and the only woman that he has brought into their was a nanny,┬áhired because of PORSHA’s neglect to her stepson.

Because of PORSHA’s new superstar celebrity status, KORDELL believes she is more than capable of providing for herself financially.

Tell us, what do you think is telling the truth, PORSHA or KORDELL?


  • Helen B

    Oh yes Kordell will try to find all manner of criticism towards Porsha in order to justify his actions .I DO NOT BELIEVE KORDELL AT ALL .

    Is Porsha his son’s MAID ? Why doesn’t he take care of his son himself or find a nanny? I believe he is extremely upset , because he cannot intimidate Porsha anymore .She is not accepting anymore nonsense from him

    Portia —-tell that Man ——HAPPY RIDDANCE and find yourself a terrific loving and handsome man You deserve MUCH BETTER .You are beautiful , rich and talented .YOU DESERVE A MAN WHO ADORES YOU .

  • Vanessa

    He is the one who told Porsha that if she wanted a baby their would be no nanny so he should just watch his own kids. Can’t be that hard


    this guy gives me the creeps. My creepy meter went haywire at the “talking to” he gave her over her wanting to have a baby. He wants a woman who will be at his beck and call, and not one with a promising future. Definately not an independent woman! I think she deserves something, let the courts decide. He is a Fred Flintstone in disguise…

  • peachez

    plus I heard that Kordell is GAY – so why would he wanna be with Porsha? shes a beautiful young naive woman who was totally in love with her husband who is on the DOWN LOW for real!! Good riddance Porsha!

  • lagospa

    Kordell is a piece of sh!t, no other word can explain his behavior ,Porsha you are a beautiful woman you deserves 1000% better not this stupid caveman!!

  • Maria Soto

    Kordell is a piece of shit, of course he is bringing shit up that is not true at all, and fuck he can take care of his own kid, but we know he is lying his ass off. That is what selfish men do, they want to control the woman, control her with her friends, control her with going out with her friends or family members, control her by taking away her freedom, her freedom to work, to have her own friends, sorry Kordell is a controlling basterd, he will get his, right now he knows he is wrong but his ego is in the way so he has to make Porsha’s life difficult right now, so he doesn’t want to pay her, that is okay, it’s better she does it herself, but she should get what she deserve, she was the one living with a controlling selfish pussy, so she paid her dues. He is nothing but a worthless piece of shit.

  • RozSF

    Actually…. I believe… Wendy Williams and her breaking news weeks ago that Kordell may be “playing on the other team”. Why else would he just up and divorce this beautiful SPOILED BRAT.. it obviously ain’t “tail” he’s looking for.

    This smells like it could have been a “fake, cover-up” marriage for him to save face. THE WHOLE THING REAKS OF PHONINESS! He’s right… she don’t deserve his gay $. She wanted a career…. then let the “PRINCESS” work for hers… she got it like that , right?

    • athena

      Kordell Stewart is a closeted homosexual. When he played for the Steelers, he was arrested for lewd acts in a car with another man in Schenely Park, Pittsburgh. Also the police were called to his apartment, because the neighbors heard screams from an unidentified man that he was holding against his will. My friend’s ex husband’s friend was the arresting officer on the first incident!

  • RozSF

    And…. he deserves to be “outed” from the way he treated that “niave” girl (Porsche).

  • Shurl

    He’s on the DL, he has the baby mama at bay like a retainer, Porsha is the glorified babysitter, and if she can’t get with the picture he refuses to bulge.I regret that she thought that she was getting the real deal. He sees the baby mama & himself on equal levels. Porsha is on a lower level than them. Plus he thinks that people actually likes him that’s why he keeps their business in the press. People are tired of them because folk have their own brand of problems.Besides, Kordell is a real jerk off like a douche.

  • Real

    Let the Negro depart.

  • Earl Judds

    That would stink to be in the apartment rental next to them. People need more class.

  • Hilary

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Do you think they could benefit from a divorce lawyer in Philadelphia? My uncle said that this really helped him!

  • Donna Lockwood McCool

    Didn’t she tell people Magazine Kordell was gay.

  • Donna Lockwood McCool

    I posted before I read the others.So I was right.Why doesn’t he come out of the closet and get iti over with.If new nanny thinks she is going to marry him and bee treated any different.Go ahead and marry this Queen.

  • Anita Mas

    People can get so angry when it comes to divorce. I don’t think I’d want to be a divorce lawyer. Someone’s got to do it, I guess. I’m glad that it’s not me, though.