Juicy Exclusive: Yung Berg Explains His Relationship With Karrine Steffans!!!

Earlier this week, former vixen KARRINE STEFFANS ignited rumors that she and rapper YUNG BERG were possibly an item after posting pics of the two boo-loving on her Instagram.

In the photos, BERG can be seen kissing STEFFANS on the back on the neck with the caption “Love,” and in another pic the rumored couple snapped a shot of their matching Cartier bracelets.

It wasn’t to long ago, STEFFANS was professing her love for LIL WAYNE. So is YUNG BERG the new man in KARRINE STEFFANS’ life?

BERG, who is now songwriting for the likes of TAMAR BRAXTON on the track “The One,” says forget what it looks like, and in this Juicy exclusive explains it all:

Juicy: What your relationship status with Karrine?
YUNG BERG: Karrine is just the homie. She’s a great conversationalist, can talk her ass off and it’s very entertaining, but it ain’t nothing deeper than that. Just the homie.

Juicy: Right…so you kiss your ‘homies’ on the neck?
YB: I’m notorious for that. I’m a kisser, but it’s not really like that. The pictures were taken and we were having a couple cocktails, enjoying each others company. We are homies. The kiss on the neck is nothing. I’ve done a show before and tongue kissed girls that were in the crowd. A kiss is a kiss.

Juicy: How about the caption “love,” explain that one?
YB: Now as far as her captions on her Instagram, I can’t control that. For me personally that’s just the homie.

Juicy: Buying matching bracelet for your ‘homie’ normal as well?
YB: Who brought bracelets? She had that bracelet, and I had one. We thought it was funny and coincidental that we both had them on at the same time so she took a picture.

Juicy: You have an answer for everything, is this the type of friendship that is more beneficial in the evenings?
YB: (Laughs) Nah, it’s definitely not friends with benefits, we’re just friends. I’m 26, Karrine is 34 so we’re not on that level.

Juicy: As friends, do you ever talk about her relationship with LIL WAYNE?
YB: Nooooo, we don’t talk about that.

Juicy: You know we don’t believe you, right?
YB:: (Laughs)I’m being very honest. If I was doing something with her and if it was something heavy like that I wouldn’t lie about it. I think that relationships are something that should be meaningful. I’ve had my years of running around and having sex with random girls and not really knowing people.

Juicy: Can see yourself being more than friends with Karrine?
YB: I can’t predict the future. Today? Today she is just a homie.