Nene Leakes Wanted Porsha Stewart To Be Replaced On ‘RHOA’?!?

NENE LEAKES raised  a few eyebrows when she mentioned that one of her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars should be replaced during the final installment of RHOA‘s reunion show.

Although LEAKES didn’t want to mention the person’s name during the reunion the “very rich” housewife, has broken her silence and revealed that her new found friend, PORSHA STEWART and her soon-to-be ex-husband, KORDELL STEWART were the people she wanted to be replaced on the show.

“I did feel that Porsha at that time needed to leave the show because there was something….kept feeling like Porsha and Kordell were not being real enough,” NENE said to ANDY COHEN on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live special  set to air May 5th.

STEWART, who once referred to LEAKES as a big sister, took to Twitter shortly after discovering NENE’s statement tweeting, “Keep turning the knife. Going to take a nap to try to regroup.”

NENE continues to standby her personal claims that she is a “good judge of character.”


  • Shonnastarr

    I’m tired of NeNe’s ass…and Phaedra too.

  • Kenny Coo

    Ne-Ne ..Happy for your success..but are your story lines real?? We all knw REALity TV is scripted. Only thing real is it been in the word It’s what sells and the ratings is what keeping you all on the air. Million dollars to get a divorce and get a Show of your own and get remarried, wedding & everything paid for. I love REALity!!

  • Shurl

    Porsha was blind sided by good ole NeNe Leakes twice. NeNe may have been right to a degree regarding Kordell, but if she meant good, her comments would have been private. NeNe’s comments about Kordell did not help Porsha’s marriage. NeNe’s a good judge of character at the expense of causing that girl some real trouble. Just remember when innoscence walk before whores, whores are reminded how they blew it with abortions, forgetting the number of men/ women they slept with, just how they blew their God given chances. So, they ‘ll plot on the girl whose name has not been on every post and corner. Poor little Porsha did not see that type of slithering coming. Porsha was too young to even hang around women who were 2 to 3 generations apart from her. Money is not always an equalizer. Porsha has to be careful because her legacy is something that’s rare. Most of us Blacks don’t have a legacy.
    I wish Porsha the best. She’ll surely learn from this _ss Whipping from the sisters spewing their haterade. Besides, Porsha was the only one who had a man who could take care of her and not the reverse–I’m just saying.