Then & Now: B5!!!

Hailing St. Petersburg, Florida, the all male singing group B5, have went through their fair share of rough patches, label moves and name changes but they are back and sound like they’ve never left.

In 1998, four brothers, DUSTIN, KELLY, PATRICK and DARNELL BREEDING began singing under the moniker TNT BOYZ throughout Florida. After participating in local singing competitions and creating a buzz for themselves and the addition of their youngest brother BRYAN to the group, the TNT BOYZ changed their name to B5.

The band of brothers eventually went to win a singing competition hosted by Radio Disney, giving them the rare opportunity to open up for superstars like KANYE WEST, GINUWINE, USHER, BOW WOW, FANTASIA and many others from the late 1990’s through the early 2000’s.

After making an appearance in CIARA‘s “1,2 Step,” music video, and their debut single “Get’cha Head in the Game,” landing a spot on the original High School Musical soundtrack, P. DIDDY caught wind of B5’s popularity and signed the boys to his Bad Boy Records label in 2004. B5’s self titled debut album hit stores in 2005 and became number seven on the top R&B/hip-hop charts, spawning two hits with “All I Do,” a sample of TROOP‘s 1990 hit and “You Got Me.”

While B5 made great success with their debut album, their sophomore album, Don’t Talk, Just Listen, received lackluster sales and became the brother’s last album on Bad Boy Records. B5 Left Bad Boy in 2009 and soon changed their name to AUDIO. As AUDIO, the group premiered one single featuring AKON entitled, “Magnetic,” but failed to release a follow up album.

After achieving minimal success as AUDIO, the group decided to go back to their roots and renamed themselves, B5. In 2013, B5 signed to Motown records and recently premiered the video for their latest single, “Say Yes.”

Now that they’re all grown up, B5 is back with their latest single, “Say Yes.” Check it out below and follow B5 for their latest news.

Photo Source: INF and PR Photos
  • Ayana Rome


    • Quwanda Akins

      I died xD

  • Patricia P.

    Are you fucking kidding me?? Who the fuck is Darnell? It’s CARNELL! How do you write an article about a group and don’t even know all the member’s names? GTFO ._.

  • shanika

    wow they need to make more music but I like there single say ye

  • mikey

    This definitely not coming back lol

  • Tdawg

    I think that it is quite cool that they are coming back. It looks like I started looking for them at the right time. In my opinion, the song is missing something in the middle like … a climax. Dude singing should have cracnked it up a notch and hit a high note or a longer rift or something, but like I said, it’s my opinion.

  • tee

    Lol, this is funny. I wish though in the music video they put the camera on everyone and not just focusing on two people. They haven’t came out with a hit in so long, and now that they’re grown up we didn’t even get a good look at all of them