Dwyane Wade Expecting A Baby With His Alleged Mistress?!?

NBA baller DWYANE WADE is rumored to be expecting a child with a woman who is not his current girlfriend GABRIELLE UNION.

According to Mouth To Ears WADE has been involved with a mistress for sometime and has even paid for her Miami Heat court side seats.

Allegedly the woman has been very vocal about her relationship with WADE and claims to be pregnant with his child.

WADE’s girlfriend GABRIELLE UNION has been relatively absent from his NBA finals games in recent weeks, possibly because she’s filming the sequel to the smash hit Think Like A Man, but it only fuels rumors of trouble between the couple.

Some reports are suggesting it is actually WADE’s ex-wife SIOVAUGHN WADE leaking this negative information in hopes to distract WADE during finals. Neither WADE or UNION have addressed or made statements regarding the rumored pregnancy.

Tell us, do you think the rumors about DWYANE WADE getting another woman pregnant are true?