Exclusive Interview: Peter Gunz Says He Did All This For His Kids' College Fund!!!

PETER GUNZ bypassed Sleazy, STEVIE J. and has risen as the undisputed bad guy of the Love & Hip Hop franchise. Juicy recently caught up with the two-timing rapper-turned-reality star to get his take on his drama-filled love triangle and which one of his ladies he’d like to receive wrapped up for Christmas.

Juicy: Did you spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Tara and your kids or your new wife, Amina?
Peter Gunz: I spent a little time with both of them, believe it or not. I spent time with Amina, we had dinner and I had dinner with Tara and the kids at my sister’s house.

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Juicy: Will there ever be a time when you can have holiday dinner all together?
PG: I think this Thanksgiving with Tara and the kids may be the last of me and Tara together. We’re moving on.

Juicy: Will Love & Hip Hop affect your relationship with the two sons you have with Tara?
PG: [Tara] always says ‘wait until your kids see the documentary of how you treated their mother.’ I know I’m a terrible husband and a terrible boyfriend – but I’m a great dad. I love my kids, hopefully they’ll see me for the person that I really am in my heart as opposed to a person who made a lot of bad decisions in his life.

Juicy: Make us understand why you do this…
PG: I was mad at my dad for cheating on my mother and my dad got engaged to a woman when he was with my mother. I used to be real bitter. On his death bed when he was dying from cancer, I remember apologizing to him like ‘damn I can see why you were seeing all those women, women are beautiful.’ That’s what I saw coming up my father, my uncles, my brothers, you know that’s normal to me and what I’m seeing now is that it ain’t as normal as I thought it was, especially when you get married.

Juicy: So do you admit you have a problem interacting with women?
PG: I don’t think I have a problem interacting with women. Tara and Amina ain’t loving me for no reason. Even after Tara found out I was married you saw we got it in. A problem interacting with women is not the proper thing to say. Can I treat women better? Do they deserve better? Absolutely. My goal is to just do better and become a better man for my children.

Juicy: Did you set any goals going into the show?
PG: My goal was I wanted to [Amina’s] music to be heard by millions of people. I wanted to see Tara shine on camera like she came to New York to do 15-years ago. The real goal would be if I’m able to put all of my young children through college from making the decision to do Love & Hip Hop.

Juicy: Tara received some backlash after becoming intimate with you after she knew you were married. How do you feel about that?
PG: She’s human, she has two babies from me and she loves me. This is something that happened suddenly. It’s not something that she knew about a long time. Me and Tara are like breathing or drinking water, it’s natural… it’s humanly impossible to shut it down. I want her to move on and find somebody better and she will. People shouldn’t shoot her down, she’s just guilty of being in love with a liar.

Juicy: If you could have Amina or Tara wrapped up in a present for Christmas, who would you pick?
PG: I would put Tara as the star on the tree and Amina as the tree. Nah I’m just playing I can’t answer that question that could go either way for me. I wouldn’t be disappointed with either one.

  • sherry hardimon

    What kind of mess is peter dishing out the women are crazy they better run for the hills I think am in ahas more going on at least she made him marry hergood or bad to bad he’sbroke. Good luck ladies yyou’re going to need it.