Lil Scrappy Pays For Funeral Of Woman Killed At His Concert!!!

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star LIL SCRAPPY is preparing to pay for the funeral expenses of a woman shot and killed outside of his California concert on Friday night.

According to reports, a shooting rang out between two groups of men in a parking lot near the concert, fatally killing one woman and severely injuring another ultimately forcing SCRAPPY to cancel his show.

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Shortly the severity of the women’s injuries were announced LIL SCRAPPY’s reps released the following statement: “It is disgusting what happened Friday night at the Dan Foley Park concert. On behalf of Lil Scrappy, we at Chinga Chang Records will be assisting with costs related to the shooting. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim who lost her life to such a senseless and heinous crime and hope for immediate justice to these terrorists.”

Photo Source: PR Photos
  • Lance Tankmen

    Wow that is a really noble move of him. This goes to show that there is a lot of hope in this world still. I hope the family has a really nice funeral and can do what they need to do for the woman.

  • Jayden Eden

    I am happy to hear that he is going to pay for it, even if it wasn’t technically his fault. I think that shows how people misinterpret what people are truly like. You can’t just judge a celebrity based on their fame.
    Jayden Eden |

  • Anita Mas

    Their willingness to pay for it is so touching. It wasn’t his fault, but he wants to help. That’s amazing.

    Anita Mas |

  • Nora Moore

    That’s great that he is reaching out to that women’s family like that. He had to cancel his show and the shooting didn’t have anything to do with him. When people are willing to help each other like this it makes me feel really good inside. We all need to help each other out when bad things happen.