Nene Says Kenya Was Fully Responsible For ‘RHOA’ Fight!!!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, NENE LEAKES set out to clarify the chaos that occurred on this week’s episode of the Bravo show with a blog entitled, Pillow Talk.

LEAKES began, “My intentions were to build couple unity within the group but as you can see, things got turnt all the way up! We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress “what you thought you saw”…”

“Kenya arrived three hours late to the party! I was really aggravated because we can’t really end the scene until all housewives have arrived!…[when] Chris’s wife Natalie started saying “don’t back paddle now” and Kenya got up and charged out of her seat towards Natalie (but you couldn’t see that part) (I wonder why?). Chris stepped in to stop her but not in an aggressive way. Kenya then got all extra saying take your hands off on me! Her girlfriend in the red pajamas jumped up in Chris’s face and that’s when the explosion started,” LEAKES continued.

The former New Normal actress concluded, “In my opinion Kenya was the spark that lit the fire. Whenever she’s around, we have the worst times!… violence is never okay to me.”

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