Why Would You Wanna Breakup: 8 Juiciest Celeb Breakups!!!

robinpaulafeatureWe hate when the Juiciest Couples call it quits, but when you’re busted playing kissy face in Paris, or gifting jewels to the next chick we can’t be mad when your better half tells you to get gone.

From ROBIN THICKE and PAULA PATTON to KHLOE KARDASHIAN and LAMAR ODOM, we’ve got the Juice on the latest celeb breakups.

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  • Quess 11

    Low keeps adopting fighting notion

    Joachim Low has vowed to stick to attacking idea ahead of the FIFA world cup. Germany beginning its opening match against Portugal is considered the favourite nation to win world cup title.
    Low said: “We’ve analysed all of our games from the last two years very closely. We’ve lost a bit of speed in our transitional play so obviously we’ll be paying special attention to correcting that, but we don’t need to change our playing style because we’ve got a philosophy we’re all 100 per cent behind.” As pointed by Agen Bola indo11.com
    He added: “Part of our preparations involve helping the new players take that philosophy on board. We will of course also take a close look at how we defend, but that’s something the whole team must be involved in, not just the back line.
    We have our own system and we have faith in it. An essential part of our philosophy is flexibility and that’s the trend I’m expecting to see in Brazil.”

  • Wasignton 11

    Low keeps calm with pressure placed on his team

    Leading Agen Bola indo11.com highlighted, According to Germany coach Joachim Low, he is calm as pressure builds on his team ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Germany is going to face Portugal, Ghana and the United States in Group G and also regarded as a favorite to win world cup title.
    Low is relishing the opportunity to test himself against the best in Brazil. The coach said: “The closer we get to a tournament the calmer I become because I know that we’ve thought of everything, and I have faith in that.”
    He added: “I’m now able to deal with high-pressure situations very well and I even enjoy them actually. I’m looking forward to our warm-up games, to every training session and to everything Brazil has in store for us.
    Experiencing a World Cup in the world’s most football-crazy country is as good as it gets, for the players, coaches and fans.”

  • Aesd 11

    Balotelli Ancaman Untuk Inggris

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Tim nasional Inggris akan berhadapan dengan Italia di laga pertama Piala Dunia 2014. Menatap pertandingan itu, The Three Lions bakal mewaspadai ancaman dari Mario Balotelli.

    Laga antara Inggris melawan Gli Azzurri akan berlangsung di Arena Amazonia, Manaus, Sabtu (14/6/2014).

    Balotelli tampaknya masih akan menjadi andalan utama Cesare Prandelli untuk menggedor barisan pertahanan tim ‘Tiga Singa’.

    Kendati Balotelli tampil kurang konsisten bersama AC Milan musim ini, hal itu tak membuat bek Inggris, Gary Cahill, menyurutkan kewaspadaan.

    “Balotelli yang tak bisa diprediksi merupakan suatu ancaman yang berbahaya karena Anda tak akan pernah tahu kapan dia bakal bisa menunjukkan kemampuan terbaik, atau apakah dia akan mengeluarkan kemampuan terbaik,” kata Cahill.

    “Dia mempunyai potensi untuk menempatkan bola dari sudut atas gawang dari jarak 25 yard. Juga sangat tak bisa diprediksi tapi di hari saat dia tak diragukan lagi menjadi salah satu yang terbaik.”

    “Saya sudah pernah bermain melawan dia dalam beberapa kali dan setelah 60 atau 70 menit dia diganti tanpa melihat bola.”

    “Saya ulangi, dia merupakan pemain yang tak bisa diprediksi. Dia bisa menjadi pemain berkelas dunia, tapi dia merupakan seorang penyerang yang harus Anda Waspadai,” imbuhnya.

  • Cathy Smith

    Some of these breakups are so sad. Moving on from love can be an incredibly hard thing. It’s almost impossible to do it yourself, seeing as most people aren’t thinking clearly right after a breakup. It’s important to seek help through friends, family, and other sources. I hope that these celebrities are able to find the right help to get over their breakups. http://www.thelovestorymag.org